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S YMPOSIUM is scheduled for

Nov. 13-15, 2019, at SUNY

Maritime in New York. about the spill and analyze its future movement, and how best to deploy assets from unmanned aerial vehicles to Vessels of Opportunity might be a proactive AI/ML application. Research published in 2014 in the journal “Abstract and

Applied Analytics” analyzed modeling oil-spill detection with swarm drones as a starting point. (4) Law Enforcement Operations: Plan- ning for this mission is both deliberate and guided by a wide range of factors with the key being actionable intelligence. For example,

Coast Guard units under the tactical control of a task force might bene? t from this type of analysis to affect end-game operations. AI/ML applications could be a real bene? t, possibly in- tegrating onboard sensors with maritime patrol craft and other nation assets to put our interdic- tion end-game assets in the right place.

From using arti? cial intelligence to detect fraud in credit card usage to applying machine learning to help doctors interpret radiological images, these advanced mathematical tech- niques are making an impact on a range of pro- fessions and their requirements. These four spe- ci? c Coast Guard mission areas are suggested for exploration of the application of AI/ML. It is the author’s belief that using these advanced techniques may make a difference in USCG policy development, training, exercise conduct, planning, and mission execution. As a nation we are just beginning to see the power of these advanced mathematical techniques, in many facets of life – by positioning the Coast Guard to take advantage of them, the end result may be products that assist decision makers to help mission accomplishment.

The opinions included in this article are those of the author and do not represent an of? cial position of the U.S. Coast Guard. 19

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