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Study: “When the human element is considered,

Ship Tech a $278B securing networks from cyber-attack is

Market by 2030

New research into maritime startups incredibly challenging. Reducing human concludes that higher bandwidth con- necting ships to shore at lower costs interaction with on board networks and is empowering a new breed of single- computers by deploying a more standard- minded innovators to bring the true bene? ts of digitalization to the ship- ized IT environment can minimize risks.” ping and offshore sectors, according to a report conducted for Inmarsat by

UK GovTech venture ? rm and research

Tore Morten Olsen, house, PUBLIC,

President Maritime, Marlink

The report, ‘Trade 2.0: How Start- ups are driving the next generation of maritime trade’, co-authored by

Nick Chubb and Leonardo Zangrando, ers (? rewall, anti-virus, content ? lters, separated lans etc).

What is Marlink doing to address the locates the maritime sector at an in- ? ection point; open to big data, block- concerns around cyber security?

What do you see coming in regulation in

When the human element is considered, securing networks terms of maritime cyber security?

from cyber-attack is incredibly challenging. That website may look safe, but is it really? The USB stick you bought from IT security and compliance should be integral in all ship home with all those downloaded movies, can you be certain owners strategies in the context of an increasing global IT se- it is malware free? What about the email from an unknown curity threat, and also to ensure that our customers are ready source, are you really inline to inherent millions of dollars for new regulations that focus on data exchange. As well as the from a long lost uncle? Unfortunately, crew are a major attack EU MRV and amendments to MARPOL Annex VI on Data vector for cyber criminals, so training them to ensure that they Collection system for fuel oil consumption of ships, new cy- are completely aware of the risks and consequences is crucial ber security guidelines in TMSA version 3 and IMO 2021 will to any cyber security strategy. demand more IT compliance at sea. New regulations will con-

Reducing human interaction with on board networks and tinue to be developed by national and international bodies, but computers by deploying a more standardized IT environment we believe that the commodity owners will play a part too. can minimize risks. For instance, our ITLink portfolio deliv- This is re? ected with the involvement of oil majors in requir-

Inmarsat ers high level monitoring and automation which delivers ef? - ing compliance to TMSA to get business, but with digitalisa- “Startups and investors should see ciency and lowers IT management costs through i.e., automatic tion happening throughout the maritime industry, other major maritime as offering signi? cant mar- updating of operating systems and anti-virus de? nitions. The stakeholders are likely to demand certain standards from the ket opportunities for the next 10 knock-on effect is that crew access to terminals is reduced. shipping companies they use. So, securing a platform for IT years,” said Ronald Spithout, Presi-

Also, with the Marlink Cyber Guard portfolio we offer advice security and compliance right now, will ensure readiness for a dent Inmarsat Maritime.

and consultancy services alongside the standard protection lay- very different regulatory landscape in the future.

chain, arti? cial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, at a time when emis- sions regulations are pushing it away ‘Cruising in the Cloud’ continued from page 40 from the fossil fuels that have framed its business model.

Estimating that the ship tech mar- a cruise ship needs. With a continuous revenue stream, cruise offering harmonized solutions for detection, protection and ket is worth $106B today, the report companies can continually improve the connectivity services recovery.With the cruise market in focus, the company has predicts its value rising to $278B by they offer, providing an even more attractive offering which also introduced several new capabilities that can be accessed 2030, spurring growth for maritime will attract even more users willing to pay for the experience.” via an online portal, including an onboard internet Wi-Fi land- startups serving the sector. The pro-

In the end, Marlink helps to turn what has been historically ing site or captive portal with capabilities to connect APIs to jection is based on direct input from an expensive cost center into a revenue stream that can defray the clients own customized cruise management systems for 100 startups and two years of track- ing 240 active startups by the authors’ at least a portion of these costs, while allowing passengers to more automated processes. database of maritime innovation. The do the work of (and augment) marketing through social media This in turn reduces manual labor. The new support tool report says that, in 2018, $4.2B of at the same time. also features a dashboard which provides information on best digital spending went to startups and line of sight between the vessel and available satellites, which small innovators, with the rest going to

The Full Marlink Package is especially relevant close to the poles with low elevation corporations that also sell operational

Network quality is key to meeting the demanding require- where obstructions such as icebergs or cliffs could affect link technology and hardware. However, as ments of expedition cruising and while Marlink deploys availability, and therefore the quality of service that guests barriers to consume digital services state-of-the-art on-board systems and makes capacity avail- experience.

at sea come down, the total spend- able globally, it also focuses development efforts on ensuring The Marlink cruise offering is truly a ‘win-win-win’ situa- ing on digital services from startups that customers have improved support tools to optimize their tion; convenient and affordable for guests, easy to administer and small to medium sized enterpris- communication services. In parallel, Marlink is also com- for cruise lines on board, and, of course, it represents another es (SME) will rise to over $111bn by mitted to ensuring its clients can minimize the risk of cyber- promising line of business for this innovative company. And 2030.

attack through inherent security at the network level and the now, no matter where the cruise lines go next, they’ll always

Download the report @ fully integrated ship and shore-based Cyber Guard portfolio, be cruising safely in the cloud. 43

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