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The Future is ‘blowin’ in the wind: a number of new ‘old’ technologies such as wind power are making serious in- roads in maritime design as the industry plots a course toward decarbonization.

Credit: Windship are simply the march of technology like ship autonomy. For my prediction I am

Thrustmaster’s patented T-Pod, electric podded reaching back to that painting. I am bet-

A?sw?lSsYOlS???lG??s?lSGwŽ?lG?ÐsGYlAYE?Žd??l ting that, in 20 years, commercial sail lS???lG??Žu?OŽYIŽ??Ž??S?d?sEAYEEsG?GuGuGÐl?sÐ will have found a new footing in com- vessel projects. mercial maritime.

I don’t think that sail will become a

With its permanent magnet motor in the pod dominant means of propulsion, but with


the pressures of carbon reduction, and a ?sOSlAYOuGOGA???A??ŽÐsAlGE?SAO?AYEdGA?sYO?

combination of parallel innovations, I am


starting to think that there will be a place dSs??GwŽ|G?OGA?uŽ??G?AYEswÐ?Ž|G??GusAdsusl?

for commercial sail in long haul bulk



grounding. The large propeller diameter and

I see quite a lot of sail propulsion pro- ?uGYEG?S?E?Ž?E?YAwsÐAuu??SAÐGEÐŽEI??lSG?

posals out there and, on a technological


level, some proposals make sense to me, and thrust.

and others make no sense at all, but what


I rarely see is a system analysis of the use lSG??GŽIw?uOÐuGdsG??OGYG?AlŽ??

of sail in bulk transportation.


The combination of incredibly im- ?GsOSlEs?l?sd?OŽYAYE?ÐAÐG proved communication methods, vastly ?Ous?AOŽY?

better weather and current predictions, and emerging sail technologies, inherent-

Learn more at: ly will make sail propulsion much more reliable and will vastly improve the tran-

Contact: sit times between distant ports over the early 20th century transit times.


The improvement is not just marginal;


it is momentous. While I am not for a 47

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