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ZF Retractable Thruster for R/V Roger Revelle

The research vessel Roger Revelle is currently go- ing through an extensive mid-life re? t. One of the upgrades to the vessel is the installation of telescop- ing thruster technology from ZF Marine.

The R/V Roger Revelle is a globally capable oceanographic research vessel, designed as a plat- form to support many different facets of ocean- based scienti? c research. The vessel is owned by the US Navy and operated by the Scripps Institute

Ashtead of Oceanography under a charter agreement with the Of? ce of Naval Research.

Portable Analyzer Certi? ed

In the pursuit of its mission, the crew of the R/V for Marine Emissions

Roger Revelle depends on world-class navigation and station-keeping systems on a daily basis. To

A portable analyzer designed for monitoring emis- meet this need the vessel was built with a powerful sions from ships is now available for sale or rent from propulsion system designed to keep it in position

Ashtead Technology. The Testo 350 MARITIME is anywhere around the globe, in varied weather and touted by Ashtead as the world’s ? rst portable analyzer sea states. certi? ed for the measurement of marine diesel engine

Currently undergoing a major dry dock period as exhaust gas emissions according to MARPOL Annexe part of a mid-life upgrade, the vessel is receiving an

VI and NOx Technical Code 2008. It also complies 1100 horsepower ZF Marine ZF AT 5011 RT TT-FP with the directive on marine equipment and has the

L-Drive Retractable Thruster. The telescoping de-

MED mark of conformity 0098/2018.

sign allows it to extend downward from the hull,

It is designed to measure a wide range of the most where it can operate as an azimuth thruster, rotating important gases simultaneously, including NO, NO , x 360 degrees. When retracted, it operates as a stan-

SO , CO, CO and O . In addition, it can be employed x 2 2 dard tunnel thruster. The result is a multi-functional for of? cial monitoring measurements to check the solution that provides traditional bow maneuvering

NOx limit values prescribed in MARPOL Annexe VI, in port while increasing station-keeping perfor- and in special regional zones relating to the NOx tax in mance of the vessel when on station at sea.

Norway, for example.

Damen Shipyards Group is having country.

solar panels installed at a number of The ? rst yard to be installed with the

Damen “Goes Solar” its Dutch yards, collectively deliver- panels is Damen Shipyards Gorinchem ing almost 12 MW of clean electricity West. It will be followed by Damen

While much of the focus is on ship-based technology, per year. “At Damen, we always take a Dredging Equipment Nijkerk and Da- long-term view,” said Project manager, men Shipyards Hardinxveld by the end shipyards too, as good community citizens, aim to

Gerard Kornet. “It’s part of our culture of August. By the end of the year Da- as a family company, we want to ensure men Maaskant Shipyard Stellendam and reduce their carbon footprint.

the sustainability of the business for the Amels will also follow, with Damen next generation. This means that what Verolme, Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam we do has to be both pro? table and in and Damen Shipyards Gorinchem East tune with the environment in which we both undergoing installation before the operate. We have a very strong focus on end of 2020.

this and are continually considering ini- This is just a start. tiatives that can contribute to a sustain- “We are further developing the pro- able maritime industry.” gram with the intention of assessing the

The project will see 42,000 solar pan- viability of rolling out more solar panels els installed on the rooftops of produc- – as well as wind energy – to our other tion facilities at eight Damen shipyards shipyards, not only in the Netherlands, in the Netherlands. Collectively, the but also internationally,” said Gerard. panels will cover some 75,000 sq. m. “Wherever we are working in the world, and generate 13% of the energy required we are committed to making sure our by Damen’s annual operations in the operations are as clean as can be.”

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