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Career development. Opportunity and investing in the Statistics.” In short it says is you can make statistics say boats at the 11:30 watch change so that we can have as people. And we have gone way out of our way to put whatever you want. So besides having data, you have many crew on the call, as many crew members that the together a career development ladder that is very much to have data that has validity of purpose, not trying to captain thinks is safe for the environment they’re in. in line with how military organizations spell it out. And accomplish proving a position. Every once in awhile, someone will miss the call and every position in the company has practical factors you they’ll call me on my cell phone later. We talk to them need to accomplish before you can attain that position. When you started at Southern Towing, I un- on a regular basis, because I like them hearing from the

They’re all published. There’s a method. There’s a way derstand that you rode the boats for 90 days to horse’s mouth versus the rumor mill, which is a cancer. to help them succeed, there’s a way to get them help familiarize yourself with the company outside of I could easily write memos, but a lot of people don’t on their vessel to learn the practical factors. Everything the spreadsheets. During those 90 days, what did take time to read, and then they interpret. I’d rather is based on a best quali? ed, not a seniority basis. And you ? nd? they hear it directly from me. Everybody has my cell as much as that may upset some of the people who be- Pure pride of the brand. Pure pride of the history phone and all employees can call. I have some captains lieve in the seniority method, it really reinforces that and the safety record. That pride of the quality of their that call on a regular basis. You have to communicate our focus is on quality and what you put in is what you crews. I found crews that were worried about the next to build a relationship. You have to have a relationship get out. So you reap what you sow. Everything is da- 60 years and sustainability; worried about their families in order to build trust. A lot of times the marine profes- tabased. I have a phrase: “In God we trust. All others and their kids. All of the same things that most people sionals out in the ? eld don’t trust the people on shore, must have data.” worry about. It was an interesting time to get to know so we worked hard at building that trust. Trust is doing

And we want people to come up with data-driven sug- individuals, and understand their families and their what you say you’re going to do.

gestions, solutions or proposals. It shows that people wants and their needs. have done some research, and they’ve developed some STC is a big company with many moving parts. data, and formed quote/unquote “statistics.” But I have Are you able to keep that effort up? How do you Distill for me the essence of the company.

a book that I got my freshman year in college in fresh- continue that effort to keep connected to your It’s health, it’s safety, it’s security, it’s environmental, man economics, and it was the ? rst book we had that employees? its quality and it’s training. That is our license to oper- year, and he handed it out, and it’s “How to Lie With We have a regular conference call. We tune in all the ate, and if we take care of those things ? rst, a lot of 40 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • NOVEMBER 2019

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