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AMETEK Land Emissions Monitoring

AMETEK Land, a provider of combus- tion ef? ciency and environmental pollutant emissions monitoring instrumentation, has launched two new continuous emission mon- itoring systems (PM-CEMS) to provide accu- rate and reliable measurement of particulate matter from industrial combustion processes in stacks and ducts.

The AMETEK Land 4650-PM is an ex-

Photo: ExxonMobil tremely stable and accurate low-range par- ticulate matter measurement system designed

Mobilgard for Plug-In Hybrid for CEMS applications where condensed wa-

ExxonMobil is supplying Mobilgard ter is not present in the ? ue gas. Consisting

ADL 40 engine oil for Color Hybrid, Color of a stack-mounted probe and separate con-

Line’s latest addition to its ? eet of ferries. trol unit, 4650-PM’s forward scattering laser

The vessel is the world’s largest plug-in measurement detects particulate matter at battery hybrid ship. The vessel, which is low concentrations. This enables closer emis- already in service between Sandefjord, sions control, with a more accurate measure-

Norway, and Strömstad, Sweden, is ca- ment than similar PM monitoring systems.

pable of carrying 2,000 passengers and

Maximum measurement stability is 500 cars. It combines four conventional achieved by the 4650-PM thanks to an ad-

Photo: AMTEK Land

Rolls-Royce Bergen B33:45L in-line die- vanced optical system with a lower angle of sel engines with electric propulsion.

incidence than competing systems, resulting reliable measurement of particulate matter Digital and analogue outputs are sent back

ExxonMobil’s MobilGard range of spe- in a lower detection limit, while the optics are where condensed water is not present but to the data acquisition system directly, as re- cialist lubricants includes formulations ? xed for measurement reliability. The 4650- uses a high-sensitivity back scattering tech- quired. Remote triggering of calibration and that can help extend engine life, improve

PM meets US-EPA Performance Speci? ca- nique. With a rugged design suitable for a purge fail sensor are additional options, as is bearing protection, reduce oil consump- tion 11 (PS-11) and is ideally suited for users wide range of applications, it features a high- a ? ue gas protector. The 4750-PM monitor tion and cut maintenance costs. Exxon- who need to comply with US EPA rules, in- ly stable optical system, with large-area col- has no moving parts; therefore, it will give

Mobil is also supplying Mobil SHC Aware cluding MATS and Boiler MACT. lection, offering a low detection limit of less years of trouble-free operation. A simple

H 68 hydraulic oil for use in Color Hy-

Out of the two new models, the 4650-PM than 1 mg/m3. manual calibration check allows the instru- brid’s stabilizers. Mobil SHC Aware H 68 has a superior calibration check mechanism TUVdotCOM approved to EN 15267, the ment’s zero stability to be veri? ed while the and the full range of Mobil SHC Aware lu- and is less susceptible to changes in particle 4750-PM measures concentrations from <1 process is operating. bricants are certi? ed environmentally ac- size, which is required where accuracy is key. to 10,000 mg/m3. It is not affected by ? ue Both models provide a cost-effective and reliable continuous emission monitoring ceptable lubricants (EALs), which means

It provides a highly sensitive measurement gas conditions and operates to standard tem- they are biodegradable and minimally and is capable of measuring concentrations peratures up to 250 °C / 400 °F. system to plant operators in electricity gen- toxic. The 160-meter ROPAX vessel uses from 0.01 to 200 mg/m3. Offering the highest Suitable for less-demanding applications, erating units, industrial boilers, glass works, the Ulstein hybrid propulsion concept, a stability and reliability, 4650-PM can be used the 4750-PM comprises a stack-mounted cement plants, metal re? neries and process combination of diesel-mechanical and in stack temperatures up to 500 °C / 930 °F. sensor with combined internal user interface. heaters who are required to monitor their par- diesel-electric systems, which is more

The additional new monitor, the AMETEK All inputs and outputs are connected to the ticulate emissions for regulatory compliance economical than conventional diesel-

Land 4750-PM, also provides accurate and sensor for simple installation and ease of use. or for control purposes.

electric designs. 75

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