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I think it is generally agreed that this is truly a transcendent period across while I would hesitate to call his con-

Tom Mulligan - UK

Lisa Overing - Florida all maritime sectors, with the convergence of sweeping environmental legislative clusion a ‘rosy’ picture, the story and

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil

William Stoichevski - Scandinavia mandate pushing ships and boats toward carbon neutrality, while digitalization and numbers that support it are perhaps the overall technology revolution continues to pick up pace and direction, helping to more encouraging than you might


Irina Vasilets [email protected] transform the maritime industry from stem to stern. While it is generally presumed imagine.

Nicole Ventimiglia [email protected] that maritime is ultra conservative and slow to change, from my seat this too is start- A brighter picture, near term, is the

Corporate Staff

Mark O’Malley, Marketing Manager ing to change – albeit slowly – as ever larger conglomerates of maritime operators and nascent offshore wind industry. As we

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting suppliers emerge to be a more dominant force. have written many time in these pages

Information Technology

Vladimir Bibik

Our cover story this month, an interview with Southern Towing President and CEO and those of our sister publications,

Ed Grimm, is the perfect juxtaposition to the change that swirls around us, as Grimm while the U.S. offshore wind energy

Subscription is a traditional maritime guy, a former Coastie, an innovator in his own right and the market is a generation behind that of

Kathleen Hickey [email protected] holder of multiple maritime patents, a long-tenured executive that embraces the oppor- Europe, it has an amazing potential to

Sales tunity to think outside the box. deliver both clean energy and a seri-

Frank Covella [email protected] +1 561 732 1659

When I visited with Grimm earlier this year in his Memphis, Tenn., of? ce, I was ous maritime resurgence in one fell

Lucia Annunziata [email protected] struck by a number of things, but mostly his direct manner of speaking. Grimm speaks swoop. The dynamics and potential +1 212 477 6700 ext 6240 his mind, as I will assume most everyone who knows him already knows, and South- are undeniable, as signi? cant offshore

Terry Breese [email protected] +1 561 732 1185 ern Towing is one of the country’s preeminent haulers of fertilizer. While Southern wind construction projects would give

John Cagni [email protected]

Towing’s roadways are the historic U.S. the inland waterways, his ? eet is anything but a tremendous lift to everything from +1 631-472-2715 traditional, with a number of Z-Drive vessels operating on the nation’s shallow draft maritime design to construction to

John Constantino [email protected] +1 561 732 0312 rivers. He and his team are not interested in new and emerging technology simply equipment supply and jobs, too. This

Mike Kozlowski [email protected] for the sake of new technology, as STC relies on data to help steer its business. Quite month’s thought leadership section +1 561 733 2477 frankly the title of the feature – “In God we trust. All others must have data” – is one is all about offshore wind with a trio of the most appropriate titles I’ve written in years. of articles starting on page 20, with

International Sales

Scandinavia & Germany

While there remain many naysayers regarding the value of Z-Drives on the rivers, insights on the new offshore wind job

Roland Persson

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24

Grimm and his team manage the ? eet by the numbers, and for certain applications the opportunities and challenges; the role

Ystad, Sweden t: +46 411-184 00 fuel consumption numbers coming from his Z-Drive units tell the story. I don’t want of government in helping to facilitate [email protected] to blow the punch line here, but instead invite you to turn to page 34 for a insightful the new generation of offshore wind

Germany story on an innovative company and its partners at ZF Marine, making the business opportunities; and a look inside Equi-

Brenda Homewood

Tel: +44 1622 297123 case for Z-Drives on towboats for speci? c applications. nor’s investment in solar and wind [email protected]

Switching gears for us is Barry Parker and his overview of the Offshore Service Ves- energy in Brazil.

United Kingdom

Paul Barrett sel market, which most of you know is not a pretty sight. Starting on page 28 Parker

Hallmark House, 25 Downham Road, Ramsden

Health, Essex CM11 1PU UK breaks down the recent history and near term future for this beaten down sector, and t: +44 1268 711560 m: +44 7778 357722 [email protected]

Classi? ed Sales +1 212 477 6700


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