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Fleet Management

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hold a discussion, answer questions, work through problems, diffcult, and it will allow them to get very quick feedback (via etc. Unlike a live lecture, recorded videos will allow learners the assessments) before they go too far down the road having to repeat material they fnd challenging or bypass items they missed a foundational piece of knowledge.

already know. This will create a better learning experience and And fnally – keep growing. Supplement your lessons with improved learning outcomes. written FAQs – providing explanations and responding to the

Next, assess frequently. Use your LMS to create short and questions often asked by your learners. Expand and refne your simple exams to determine whether the learners know what video library. Add structure to your discussions. Soon you will you need them to know. For example, after they have watched have a continuously improving, highly effective learning pro- one of the video lectures above, ask them to perform an online gram that can be deployed over and over.

exam. This will not only tell you whether your video was ef- Clearly there is much more that can be said on this topic. fective (and help you improve it), but it is also an important But these basic tools and principles will steer you in the right way to convey your learning expectations to the learners. Fur- direction and get you up and going almost immediately. thermore, it will serve to stimulate questions for the upcoming Good luck, sail safely, and stay healthy!

live conferencing session. And fnally, it will provide motiva-

The Author tion to help ensure that the learners watched the video and absorbed as much as they could prior to the remote discussion.

Third, keep your videos bite sized. Although in normal situ-

Goldberg ations you might lecture for an hour or more in a classroom,

Murray Goldberg is CEO of Marine it is better practice to record very short videos – each a maxi-

Learning Systems which provides mum of 10 – 12 minutes. Each video should contain exactly software and services to optimize knowledge, skills and behavior in one digestible topic and should be followed by an assessment maritime operators. as mentioned above. This will allow the learner to maintain

Contact Murray @ focus, it will enable them to easily repeat the material they fnd



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