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well they are performed as a group. If we critical use of this data is to identify liver exams within an LMS, some of this discover that these questions are poorly common misperceptions. In the exam- information may be readily available. If performed, even within the context of an ple above, one of the incorrect answers not, one might consider some form of exam that is well performed overall, we is mistakenly believed to be correct by on-line exam delivery to begin the pro- have identi? ed a serious risk that we can roughly ? of the students who have an- cess of collecting and utilizing this im- now work to eliminate. This would have swered that question. If that common portant data.

been completely hidden when looking misperception creates a potential safety These two examples only touch the at average scores on exams in general, issue, having access to per-question sta- surface of the insights that can be de- but becomes immediately apparent if tistics of this sort reveals that safety risk rived from the exam data we have. We we perform a by-competency analysis and allows the organization to quickly will continue with other useful exam of question performance. correct the misperception before the risk -derived insights in the next Training

A second useful analysis we can per- manifests itself as an accident. Tips for Ships. Until then, stay healthy form on multiple-choice questions is to So - what risks are hiding in the data and sail safe!

generate statistics which indicate, for we already have? As indicated, if we de- each question, how often each of the

The Author potential answer selections is chosen.

For example, on a particular question

Goldberg this might tell us that the correct answer

Murray Goldberg is CEO of Marine Learning Systems is chosen 60% of the time, that the ? rst which provides software and services to optimize knowl- incorrect answer is chosen 35% of the edge, skills and behavior in maritime operators. time, and that the remaining two incor-

Contact Murray @ [email protected] rect answers are rarely chosen. This is useful for many reasons, but the most




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