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“For smaller companies, a system has 50 developers continuously working on tional roles, not always eager to share to be easy to implement. Often getting the platform. information liberally. “The challenge hardware on board is a delaying factor, The goal: achieving a shared platform is to continue building that platform so a light touch is important. We are in ? ve years with ports, ships and ship- so that it is better and better. There is hardware agnostic, and we can cooper- pers all sharing the same tools. It won’t so much opportunity for change in the ate with any other systems,” said An- be easy, said Andersen, as the stake- marine industry, and StormGeo can be dersen. holders still today are stuck in tradi- a catalyst.” “This allows customers to apply ad- vanced solutions in a simple manner.

We offer a fully holistic approach. Cus- tomers can do all their route planning on one seamless system, from planning to execution. And the ship shares the

Email: [email protected] same information with onshore person-

Cell: (603) 566-4330 • Fax: (877) 583-7735 nel, so everyone experiences the same

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine (HIM) has been in business since 1984. Our new Shaftmaster shared reality.” torsionmeter system is very immune to the shaft environment even working in situations where the bearing oil has leaked on our torque tapes and our system continues to work

The challenge for companies looking and stay in calibration. There is an air gap between our torque sensor and torque tape to take the ‘digital leap’ is to realize that so that there is no wear and tear. The Shaftmaster system installs to any existing shaft it is not really a leap at all, rather one with the installation usually guided by our manual and free technical support. We have step at a time. “You have the big com- training in Florida or we can go to the place of business if the customer has a ? eet. We panies, you’ve seen Maersk launch the also have internet using Teamview to do a live demo. Our Torque Tapes are prepared in

Zero Carbon shipping foundation; but our shop in Florida. We are available for Sea Trials and Installation and use a Micro SD chip to record data that can be emailed to your of? ce for evaluation of your ship’s or boat’s you don’t have to be Maersk to reduce performance. Our Micro SD chip stores data and will open using Microsoft Excel. The your emissions … you don’t have to be

ShaftMaster system can be connected directly to your local computer logging data 24/7.

Maersk to become more ef? cient,” said

The system will make a folder each day. The data is time stamped and opens in Microsoft

Andersen. “That’s why we exist; we of-

Excel. Our system comes standard with the following data, however, the ShaftMaster is a fer smaller companies without the re-

PLC and can be linked to other PLCs anywhere on the ship or boat.

sources access those ef? ciencies. There

Standalone Rpm system

Shaftmaster Torsionmeter is no hardware to install to access our services. We can download and ‘switch on’ (nearly) overnight.”

The future is now

The maritime industry historically has been reactive, waiting for legislative mandate to demand change. While there is no sign that this will ever change, An- dersen said that if it doesn’t, regulations will become increasingly draconian.

To that end, he envisions an industry

Standalone Rmp System that has (4-20 ma output) to the bridge and where disparate players will gravitate or control room to our touchscreen. Total, revolutions, direction and instantaneous Rpm for Maneuvering, Shaft Stop (optional) speci? c fuel to a few select sources for informa- consumption. Local and remote touchscreen bridge and control room tion, and he’s helping to build Storm- viewed by 3.5” or 7 in” typical.

Geo to be one of the main players in

Shaftmaster saved Data: the ? eld. It all starts with data. “Secure • Shaft Rpm • Shaft Torque • Shaft Horsepower • Shaft Kilowatts • Shaft Newton Meters data sharing platforms that facilitate • Shaft Stop screen • Shaft Fwd and Rev • Shaft Manuvering to give immediate Rpm convergence and cooperation between • Total Shaft Revolutions • Total engine time • Instantaneous RPM and Horsepower players are becoming more common,” • Average Rpm and Horsepower • Instantaneous Kilowatts • Average Kilowatts said Andersen. Creating the platform is • Average NM • Data recording on Micro SD Chip is especially great for seatrials • Speci? c Fuel Consumption (Optional) not a small job, said Andersen, noting • Shaftmaster displayed at local and remote touchscreen that StormGeo has a team of more than 19

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