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The Harvest is “In”

Harvest Navigation & Harbor

Harvest is operating the ? rst

Hybrid EV cargo vessel in the New England corridor carrying both passengers and refrigerated cargo.

Photos: Harvest Navigation &

Harbor Havest portation and with that the ship propulsion we choose. Most ? cation tends to lead to faster deliveries as we locate the ser- of these debates leave technical men scratching their heads in vice or item on Amazon and expect it on your doorstep the confusion when asked what is the future of ship design. Fast, next afternoon. With that expectation, farming, manufactur- slow, large, small, clean or dirty - local, coastal or global? ing and processing will need to be local or “near- coastal”.

The quest for decarburization may place us again in a pe- Simply because distance transportation at speed will result riod of transportation reinvention. The decision maker will in larger energy sources and increased GHG in a global simply be the consumer and his or her daily interaction with economy – all the more dif? cult to meet an IMO 2050 regu- social media and the speed of information. That instant grati- lation across the globe. All the more dif? cult to introduce 27

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