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DESIGN: PROPULSION ogy to control the grid in an effort to support full digital elec- tric operations and small autonomous vessels moving cargo along a waterborne highway. Science ? ction? Hardly, as we have learned that the decision process and speed of which this technology change needs to take place is entrepreneurial and requires private support and action from ship owners, cargo source and ? nance. Government regulation and interaction will delay the process. We experienced that delay with First

Harvest Navigation ? rst hand at both Federal and State levels.

From a design perspective, a transition needs to take place beginning with a move to diesel electric propulsion in larger vessel construction. The DC grid and technology with that well established propulsion process can work to move into battery support and the replacement of generator(s) with the new battery energy source. A Hybrid path no different then the path the automotive industry has taken to move to full

EV. The role of the ? nancial sector is important in ? nancing that transition. Owners and Cargo sources will need to show the change is investible. Look at Space X, Tesla, Virgin and their leadership into new technology and private investment.

Shipping needs to follow that lead – from local to global and away from government interference that regulates the speed of change to support political agendas.

Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e- into the atmosphere is zero. We need to work towards zero emission design not emission reduction. The establishment of the Emission Control Areas or “ECAs” was a good start of es- tablishing control levels near the populations. Continue to de- velop those regions as local areas to introduce EV propulsion and transportation on both land and sea. We believe EV is the path forward and the future of propulsion design. Start small as we have seen in our projects and grow into the technology supporting larger commerce. 29

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