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On the Drawing Board

Innovative new Ship & Boat designs

Necessity: the Mother of Invention

Nothing inspires change quite like being told to do something, in the case of maritime this means new legislation mandating increasingly strict emissions reduction limits.

Pro? led here are some innovative new and emerging designs.

Power Systems will address R&D of en-

Stena Bulk’s IMOFlexMAX Ammonia-Fueled Tugboat

Stena Bulk continues its IMOIIMAX A trio of marine powers in Japan gine and exhaust gas aftertreatment de- vices; and ClassNK will focus on safety design with a prototype for a new chem- seeks to develop the world’s ? rst ammo- assessment of ammonia-fueled tugboat ical tanker, the IMOFlexMAX, which nia-fueled tugboat. A joint R&D agree- will be designed to reduce greenhouse ment was signed by NYK, IHI Power gas emissions by more than 25% com- Systems, and ClassNK recently to put

Battery-Powered HS Ferry pared to modern product tankers. IMO- the world’s ? rst ammonia-fueled tug-

A Washington State team was selected

FlexMAX has been designed by naval boat into practical use. To start, in ? scal for funding from the U.S. Department architects at Stena Teknik. From hull 2020 the companies will tackle themes of Transportation’s Federal Transit Ad- design to vessel propulsion, these ships such as technological development of ministration. Kitsap Transit is a public- will incorporate the latest technology, the hull, engine, and fuel supply system, private partnership team is being led by including Flettner rotors and solar pan- and development of safety navigation Washington Maritime Blue to advance els to harvest energy from wind and sun- methods. After evaluating the practical- the fast foil ferry design and the busi- light. They will be powered by dual-fuel ity of the R&D results, the JV will begin ness case for sustainable operations. engines that can run on LNG as well as study of the construction of the ammo-

The funding from FTA, which will pro- conventional low-sulfur fuels, but will nia-fueled tugboat and the plan for con- vide $372,910 as part of the Accelerat- be ? exible to consider alternative fuels struction. NYK Line will focus on R&D ing Innovative Mobility initiative, and based on client and regional demand. of the hull and fuel supply system; IHI other funding will help to complete the

Ammonia-Fueled Tugboat

Stena Bulk’s IMOFlexMAX

Battery-Powered HS Ferry

Image Courtesy Glosten Image Courtesy NYK, IHI Power, ClassNK

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