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MarTID 2020: The Results spondents citing increased simulator training. Following that, ship handling

Who Pays? Increasingly, Seafarers and practical on-the-job training were the next most commonly mentioned training initiative, with 8% of respon- dents mentioning them.

Quantifying Quality in Training

This year’s focus theme is Quality in Training. Growing training budgets and state-of-the-art training methods and technologies are useless if training needs are not correctly identi? ed and if outcomes are not properly assessed. The 2020 reports found that a majority of op- erators follow some sort of mechanism or process for training quality assurance, while every responding METI has a pro- cess or standard in place for training quality. Among respondents, about 50% of the operators and 80% of the METIs indicated that they follow an externally de? ned quality standard in their training operations. At the same time, seafarers perceive the quality of their company- originated training onboard to be signi? - cantly less than optimal.

Ensuring quality in training often comes down to individuals in the orga- nization tasked in this regard. For opera- tor respondents, 85% have a someone in charge of ensuring training quality, and the chart here indicates their level of di- rect report.

Continuous Improvement is at the heart of any quality processes, and train- ing is no exception. Here the MarTID 2020 report found a stark contrast be- tween vessel operators and METIs, with only 55 percent of vessel operators and nearly 90% of METIs following a con- tinuous improvement program for train- ing quality.

More than half of both METIs and operators indicated that these processes covered a wide variety of training com- ponents including instructor perfor- mance, curriculum design, assessments, outcomes and facilities.

In terms of actual metrics which were

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