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USCG Fleet Modernization Annual

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Features Departments 4 Authors & Contributors 22 Offshore O&G: Here we go Again!

6 Editorial Following ‘the Mother of all dips’ for offshore O&G, a funny thing 8 By the Numbers happened: $73 per barrel & climbing, reviving floating production.

Asia Shipowners By Greg Trauthwein 10 Quotable 12 Training Tips for Ships 28 Coast Guard Recapitalization Are your Exams Valid?

New cutters allow the United States Coast Guard to project and 14 Back to the Drawing Board maintain presence. USCG: Look to Titanium By Edward Lundquist 18 The Path to Zero 20 Vessel Inspections 34 On Patrol 24 USCG in the Arctic Activity in the design and outfit of next generation patrol craft Tech Features continues at speed despite a pandemic. 44 Vessel Stability is Control By Barry Parker 46 Connectivity is King

Alternative for Biofoul Control 48 40 The Future of Gas Carrier Design 51 Tech Files Peter Fitzpatrick, VP, ABS, discusses the trends and the outlook for 54 In the Shipyard gas ship design, technology and construction. 57 The Final Word By Greg Trauthwein Steaming to Djibouti 59 Buyer’s Directory 60 Classifieds 64 Advertising Index 2 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • June 2021

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