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Seri Everest, the ? rst in a series of three 98,000 cbm

Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLECs) built in Samsung

Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (SHI) and classed by ABS, the ship was delivered to MISC in late 2020.

MISC think any ship owner today really needs to think about fu-

Lets move from the macro to the micro. ture-proo? ng their design. How do you now have your de-

And in that, I mean, looking at one specif- sign available for the next 10, 20, 30 years? How do you ic ship: the very large ethane carrier Seri approach 2050? So if the ethane trade changes for any par-

Everest classed by ABS and the world’s ticular reason, these vessels will be able to change their op- largest ethane carrier. Can you discuss erations and maybe switch from being an ethane carrier to some of the outstanding technical high- an LNG carrier.

lights of that ship?

A good example of how markets can change is the US, which

You are right, it’s a really important vessel, and I think it’s a very important sector. Ethane has become a major gas of used to be an LNG importing country and quickly switched to being an LNG exporting country. So I think this (Seri Everest) export transportation and we’re seeing it as a real growth area. is a really good vessel: ? exible enough to deal very effectively

I think the vessel embraced the lessons learned out of the LNG industry and translated them into an ethane industry; like the with the vessel and the cargo today, burning its own cargo, consuming it and lowering its emissions. But it has the ? ex-

LNG ships, its able to burn use its own cargo is fuel.

We also see this one is now ready for future-proo? ng. I ibility to change if the market forces change.

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