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Quantum Marine Stabilizers

The Rack & Pinion actuator, currently used on the MAGLift Rotor has been under redesign and development for standard and XT ? ns. The new version called the R Series.

constant torque on both sides of the tween multiple pumps within the same “It does not completely eliminate us gear wheel hydraulic systems. having to go on site, but it can really • Rapid acting relief valves, transfer ratchet it back and we can support the the oil and rotate the ? n to initiate product.” Anytime there is an open line The Impact of COVID the release of the drive mechanism As COVID has challenged all indus- to a ship at sea, naturally cybersecurity should the vessel encounter unex- tries for the past 15 months, Quantum concerns come to the fore, particularly pected loads, and is no exception, said Allen. But there’s in military markets.

• To simplify the operation and main- always a silver lining, an done ‘ben- “Vessels are always a little careful tenance, the gear case is lubricated e? t’ of the global shutdown has been an about allowing companies access into with the same hydraulic oil that is uptick in Quantum’s ability to provide their system because essentially, you’re used in the hydraulic system. remote support. “Currently, we don’t dialing into the ship’s net system and

In addition to the machinery, Quan- build a system that doesn’t have remote then ? nding your piece of equipment,” tum ? led a patent in 2020 for its new access,” said Allen. “We can ‘dial into said Allen. To that end the company iso-

Dynamic Load Control, an application a stabilizer’ and see what’s going on if lates its service servers, and “the internet that involves a control system that is the client has issues. We can’t always modules that we use can only connect to designed to reduce the cyclical loading resolve everything,” but the remote ac- that server … you couldn’t dial in from and the amount of accumulator storage cess can put owner and technician on any of the locations, they only recognize required by varying the target pump the same page. that one server,” said Allen pressure. “The dynamic load control “Something we’re starting to work on In addition, Quantum records every system allows us to smooth the power now is live feed,” said Allen. “We can communication, every time it connect to requirements for our equipment,” saod now equip an engineer onboard the ship a remote access device, and it can record

Allen. Managing the various load de- with a set of goggles, and they can go the duration of the connection as well as mands on a vessel has it challenges and right to the product, look at the product, service activity.

can cause “brown outs” which is notice- and we can see what they see,” allow- “So we have a real log and a record able by dimming lights. The DLC lim- ing Quantum’s shoreside personnel the that’s maintained here,” said Allen. its the horsepower draw on the electric opportunity to communicate and poten- “If there is any issues, we can address motor and helps to balance the load be- tially talk them through a problem. them.” 45

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