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In the Shipyard

New vessels, contracts and designs ale S.A. announced that the ? rst Guaibamax vessel equipped with a rotor sails system at Vale’s service

V started operating. The vessel, with a cargo capacity of 325 thousand tons of iron ore and pellets, has ? ve rotor sails installed, which is designed to allow an ef? ciency gain of up to 8% and a con- sequent emission reduction of up to 3.4 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent per vessel per year.


First Ore Carrier Equipped with Rotor Sails; 8% Emission Reduction Anticipated

If the project proves to be effective ac- cording to design, it is estimated that at least 40% of the ? eet at Vale’s service will be able to use the technology.

The start of operation of vessels equipped with rotor sails is part of Vale’s portfolio of initiatives in shipping, which also includes the Air Lubrication tech- nology and the adoption of multi-fuel vessels.

These actions contribute to achieving the commitment to reduce 15% of net

Scope 3 emissions by 2035. Addition- ally, Vale seeks to reduce its absolute

Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 33% by 2030 and achieve neutrality by 2050.

The rotor sails are cylindrical rotors, four meters in diameter and 24 meters high. In contact with the rotating sail, the air starts to move at different speeds along its surface, resulting in a pressure variation that in turn propels the vessel forward, in an effect similar to that of spinning football, tennis and golf balls, which curve in ? ight, a phenomenon known as “the Magnus effect”.

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