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Government Update

T e Blue Economy & U.S. Exporters

U.S. Commercial Service previews September 2022 export forum he growing demand for marine technolo- gies is generating

Tnew export possibili- ties for U.S. companies. To help

American businesses pursue these opportunities, the Depart- ment of Commerce is hosting

Discover Global Markets: The

Blue Economy, in Providence,

R.I., Sept. 20-22, 2022. Inter- national Trade Specialist Mary- anne Burke (pictured right) leads the Marine Technology

Team of the International Trade

Administration (ITA). Mary- anne is part of ITA’s U.S. Com- mercial Service’s global net- work of of? ces located in 100+ cities across the United States and in U.S. embassies and con- sulates in more than 75 markets.

Photo courtesy U.S. Commercial Service

In the below Q&A, she shares some insights on how U.S. companies can take advantage of the Blue Economy event

Which markets will be represented at the show? and agency export resources to expand their export horizons.

We’ll have a strong geographic presence, representing a truly global showcase. U.S. companies will gain market in-

Could you give readers a snapshot of the Blue Economy sights from U.S. Commercial Service industry experts from event, how can U.S. companies bene? t from attending?

U.S. embassies around the world, including: Australia, Brazil,

We’re seeing a new age in ocean technology, sustainability Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and logistics, and Discover Global Markets: The Blue Econo-

Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Thailand and the my will highlight growing overseas market opportunities for United Kingdom, as well as many others. These markets rep-

U.S. businesses in the marine technology sector. Like no other resent some of the best growth prospects in the marine tech- event, the Sept. 20-22 forum brings together U.S. businesses, nology sector, offering both short and long-term industry op- foreign buyer delegations, and U.S. Commercial Service ma- portunities for U.S. companies. rine industry experts from 20 countries. Through export coun- seling and business-to-business (B2B) matchmaking, U.S.

What are some opportunities in these countries? businesses can bene? t from market intelligence, trade leads,

Overall, marine technologies are in demand for both large- partnering opportunities, and potential export sales. It’s an ex- scale foreign government projects and independent, non-gov- cellent venue for exporters to both grow their bottom line with ernment organization projects. Opportunities are wide-rang- export sales and improve their competitiveness by diversify- ing, covering port development and technologies, underwater ing into new markets. Discover Global Markets events, held surveillance, subsea imaging for ocean ? oor mapping, off- annually, focus on different industries and regional markets. shore wind ecosystems, weather instrumentation, ocean sci- 20 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • May 2022

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