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Dr. Ramona Pristavita,

VP of Engineering, Terragon everything that it’s in there and can be Depending on the type of WETT sys- paratively high current densities. This coagulated, it’s going to be removed tem deployed, treatment units are added simpli? ed approach means that installa- from the waste water and it forms a before or after the EC unit. tion of a new set of electrodes take less foamy sludge.” “For example, on WETT-O, we have than 10 minutes, which depending on

That foamy sludge ? oats on top of the a free oil separator before the electroco- system design may be required every reactor and is periodically removed. Key agulation unit that removes everything 1-3 months.

to the WETT system is that it does not that can easily ? oat or sink. Then the “(The electrodes) produce hydroxy add mass in the process. “The volume of emulsi? ed oil, the very small particles radicals, which are very strong oxi- this sludge is very low. It’s about 5% by that cannot settle or ? oat, are removed dants” that essentially kill and mineral- volume,” said Pristavita. “Because for in the electrocoagulation unit.” ize everything in the stream. “So you example, if you compare with chemi- For black water treatment, streams are not only doing a polishing in terms cal coagulation, we don’t add a mass that are generally heavily contaminated of removing contaminants, but you are of salts. We add aluminum items and with organics and viruses and bacteria, also disinfecting and you don’t have to the treatment can be ? ne-tuned for how “we use for polishing, we use electrolyt- add any chlorine or any other disinfec- much aluminum is needed to remove the ic oxidation and we use a special type of tion products,” said Pristavita. “They concentration of contaminants.” electrodes, which are not consumables,” are robust, they remove virtually ev-

Key to the WETT system is automa- said Pristavita. erything from the stream, they disinfect tion, as operator participation is not Each EC unit contains one pair of without the need to store on onboard needed to dose the system, measure pH sacri? cial metal electrodes, given the chlorine products and you don’t have to or clear ? lters. ability of the system to operate at com- backwash ? lters.” 47

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