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Green Ship Technologies

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Innovative new Green Marine Solutions

EST-Floattech: A Diesel-Electric

Hybrid Propulsion FiFi Vessel

Photo courtesy SHI/Seaborg

SHI, Seaborg Partner to develop Floating

Nuclear Power Plant

Compact ? oating nuclear power plants are emerging as a serious contend- er to the world’s decarbonization goals.

Photos courtesy EST-Floattech/Flotte Hamburg

To this end, Samsung Heavy Industries

The Hamburg Fire Fighting Vessels ly electric, emission-free travel through (SHI) and Seaborg signed a partnership

Dresden and Prag sport diesel-electric the port.

agreement to develop ? oating nuclear hybrid propulsion and battery systems An important aspect in selecting the power plants based on Seaborg’s Com- from EST-Floattech. After the ? rst 100 battery systems was the safety of us- pact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR). The days of operation, operator Flotte Ham- ing the lithium-ion batteries. “We ap- agreement includes development of hy- burg reports it is satis? ed with the two ply high-quality pouch battery cells that drogen production plants and ammonia new FiFi ships. “Due to the full approval ensure high-energy density, good heat plants, able to manufactured in serial for the use of the EST battery system dissipation and high-energy ef? ciency,” production for deployment globally.

‘Green Orca 1050’ on inland waterway said Marc Mühlenbeck, Sales Account

The partnership agreement was signed vessels, which was already available at Manager at EST-Floattech Hamburg. at an online event by Jintaek Jung, the start of the project, the ? rst hybrid “In addition, two independent bat-

President and CEO of SHI, and Troels ships of the Hamburg ? eet were suc- tery management systems monitor and

Schönfeldt, co-founder and CEO of cessfully put into operation in close co- control safe charging and discharging.

Seaborg. The aim of the strategic part- operation with Damen Shipyards and the Other safety features include a ? reproof nership is to manufacture and sell turn- electrical and automation project partner housing and a venting system in the key power plants, ready to be moored at

Royal Van der Leun,” said Christof Sa- event of a thermal runaway.” This sys- industrial harbors and connected to the cher, Flotte Hamburg, a subsidiary of the tem has proven itself in practice. “Due to electric grid onshore.

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). Flotte the user-friendly implementation of the

The stable production of energy also

Hamburg, ? eet manager for the more than on-board power management and the offers a fundamental basis for produc- 50 ships of the Free and Hanseatic City smooth integration of the batteries as a tion of all Power-2-X fuels, where espe- of Hamburg since 2017, is implementing reliable backbone of the on-board energy cially hydrogen and ammonia are con- its environmental strategy for both boats. supply, the hybrid drive has enjoyed full sidered a future energy source to replace

The concept includes: the switch to low- acceptance among the crews since the traditional fossil fuels. The design of the emission fuels, exhaust after treatment ? rst day of operation, contrary to initial hydrogen, ammonia and power units for new purchases, retro? tting existing reservations,” said Sacher. “In particular, will be optimized for ef? cient serial ships, innovative drive technologies and the almost noiseless propulsion system construction at SHI’s shipyards.

ef? cient ship operation. An example of when sailing electrically and the fact that

The ? oating nuclear power plant ‘innovative drive technologies’ is the a classic blackout of the ship is virtually comes as a turn-key product, ready to battery-buffered diesel-electric hybrid impossible, from the basis for this popu- be moored at an industrial harbor. In the drive. The battery system for the two larity. In the project phase, the compact harbor, a transmission cable will be con- 35.5 x 7.8 m, 12-knot vessels sport the structure of the batteries as an encapsu- nected to the electric grid onshore. An

EST-Floattech Green Orca 1050 mod- lated system and the high safety standard optional solution is to place a hydrogen ules, certi? ed by DNV, each with a total in terms of design and monitoring by the or ammonia production plant next to the battery capacity of 315 kWh. The plug- integrated Battery Management System ? oating nuclear power plant utilizing in hybrid allows up to four hours of ful- were decisive.” the CO2-free ? ssion energy to produce hydrogen and ammonia.

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