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Green Ship Technologies

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Aquarius Eco

Handymax II:

Zero Emission

Handymax Bulker

Photo: Ulstein

The global push for

Ulstein Thor: Zero Emission Cruise Ship decarbonization in the lstein unveiled a vessel concept that it pose ‘power station’ that will enable a new transport sector has pre- claims is capable of making the vision of battery revolution,” said Cathrine Kristiseter dictably inspired a wave

Uzero emission cruise operations a reality. Marti, CEO Ulstein.

of new designs for the

Dubbed Ulstein Thor, the 149m 3R (Replenish- Thorium has been identi? ed as having huge shipping sector, includ- ment, Research and Rescue) design will feature potential for a maritime industry hunting for ing a new ‘Zero-Emission a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) to gener- clean alternative fuels. MSRs work by dissolv-

Handymax Bulker’ design ate electricity. This enables the vessel to operate ing Thorium – an abundant, naturally occurring from the hands of Eco Ma- as a mobile power/charging station for a new metal with low radioactivity – in liquid salt. The rine Power, a design that breed of battery driven cruise ships. ensuing chain reaction heats the salt, producing incorporates renewable energy solutions, electric Ulstein believes Thor may be the missing steam to drive a turbine and create electricity. propulsion and fuel cells. piece of the zero emissions puzzle for a broad Although developments on land are well docu-

The ship design concept range of maritime and ocean industry appli- mented, its potential for delivering clean mari- is known as the Aquarius cations. To demonstrate its feasibility, Ulstein time power has yet to be incorporated into a ves-

Eco Handymax II and all has also developed the Ulstein SIF concept, a sel design. Thor’s charging capacity has been the technologies currently 100m long, 160 POB capacity, zero emission scaled to satisfy the power needs of four ex- encompassed in the design expedition cruise ship. This Ice Class 1C ves- pedition cruise ships simultaneously. ‘Thor’ are either currently avail- sel will run on next generation batteries, using itself would never need to refuel. As such, able or under-development.

Thor to recharge while at sea. ‘Thor’ is intended to provide a blueprint for

The Aquarius Eco ‘Thor’ is essentially a ? oating, multi-pur- entirely self-suf? cient vessels of the future.

Handymax II ship design includes the integrated sail-assisted propulsion

Japan’s coastal waters, and this project is in

The Power ARK Project & solar power system the design and development stage towards a known as Aquarius Marine demonstration experiment and full-scale op-

Renewable Energy or eration in 2025.

Aquarius Aquarius MRE.

The ? rst model of the Power ARK series,

A range of energy saving “Power ARK 100” is a 100TEU container ship devices including an air specially designed for transferring renewable lubrication system (ALS)

Photo: PowerX energy in Japan’s coastal waters. Upon its com- have also been added lassNK signed a Memorandum of Under- pletion in 2025, Power ARK 100 will carry 100 along with electric propul-

Cstanding (MOU) with PowerX, Inc. (Pow- grid batteries, hence 200MWh of power. The sion & fuel cells. Aquarius erX) for a collaboration on the development of vessel will be designed to travel up to 300km

MRE was granted Approv- the Power Transfer Vessel (Power ARK). when running only on electricity and will be al-In-Principle by ClassNK

PowerX is carrying out a project of the ? rst able to unlock long-distance, intercontinental in 2021 & a further patent related to this system was model of the Power ARK series, which is de- clean power transmission when it is powered by applied for recently. signed for transferring renewable energy in both electricity and sustainable biodiesel fuels.

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