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more functional. The new SafeEdge has been well embraced ers are the perfect addition to our safety measures for con? ned by management and crew on-board vessels and platforms. It’s spaces. Our covers have con? ned space warnings printed on unique 2/3 (depending on model), way opening cover gives them and an area for emergency contacts number one priority to safely covering an open inspecting We provide our client with lid removal, re? tting, atmo- hatch while still allowing complete access to work beneath. sphere gas testing & con? ned space authorized person (permit

The SafeEdge SE65 is designed to ? t the most common control) for task such as tank & void cleaning, maintenance, model of Norwegian Standard (NS) 6261 – 6263 (ISO 5894) fabrication & inspection.” inspection hatch cover. Any vessel no matter size, form, or As a mariner who has nearly plunged feet ? rst 20 meters geographical area can ? t this product as long as it has man- into a hold due to an open man hole cover, I can say that had holes that conform to these standards above. At 18 lbs., safely this been an option I would have gladly mounted this myself. under Health and Safety requirements, the SafeEdge is a risk- No one should have to suffer injury or death when there is free product to handle for workers and crew. The base has also such an easy solution to a common problem. incorporated handles so that carrying, and installation will be

The Author easier. Although bolt patterns may change from depending

Bonvento upon where a vessel was built, Safe Edge covers most com-

Matthew is an Assistant Professor mon bolt patterns, and will customize the unit for those bolt of Nautical Science. Previously he patterns that do not match. served as Senior Manager for Safe-

Take it from one of their customers “We use the SafeEdge ty, Security, Regulatory, and Qual- covers as an extra layer of protection onboard ships, they are ity Compliance for Vanuatu Maritime extremely high visibility safety covers that can accommodate


ventilation/extraction ducting, hoses & cables, SafeEdge cov- 13

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