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SHIP DESIGN COSTA TOSCANA dustry, we are committed to ensuring that the highest standards the tanks. On LNG the range is broadly similar to when run- for safety are maintained, working together with authorities, ning on MGO to allow for our two-week autonomy. Anyway, classi? cation society, shipyard and all the relevant stakehold- all our LNG ships are equipped with “dual fuel engines”. It ers. Talking about legislation, the use of LNG as a marine fuel means that they are able to use Marine Gas Oil (MGO) in case is regulated by the International Code of Safety for Ships using of a lack of availability of LNG.

Gases or other Low Flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code). The IGF Code aims to minimize the risk to the ship, its crew and the environ-

Can you talk about Costa Tos- ment with regard to the nature of the fuels involved. It contains cana’s shore power capability? mandatory provisions for the arrangement, installation, control

Has this been used so far, and and monitoring of machinery, equipment and systems using where, and to what effect?

low-? ashpoint fuels, among them LNG. During the design of

Costa Toscana is already equipped with all the facilities for our LNG-powered vessels, a series of risk assessments and fail- the shore power connection. Unfortunately, Mediterranean ure mode and effect analysis have been conducted to ensure that the relevant arrangements and systems are ? t for purpose and ports where our ships operate are not ready yet to provide shore power connection to cruise ships. Anyhow, we are work- meet or exceed all regulatory and operational requirements. Fur- thermore, the robust oversight by Costa’s ? ag authority (Italy) ing with some ports and local authorities in the Med, and also and classi? cation society (RINA) as well as internal procedures with the national governments, to make shore power connec- tion available in the future. Savona, where we have our main and processes, ensure that safety remains a priority.

home port and we manage the “Palacrociere” cruise terminal, and Genoa could be among the ? rst ports to reach this goal.

Can you provide insights on the bunkering operations … If we take What are some of the other tech- this itinerary, Civitavecchia, Na- nical advancements on the ship ples, Barcelona (Ibiza), Valencia, that you would like to highlight?

Marseille, Savona, how often do

Costa Toscana LNG system has no major differences with you refuel and where?

Costa Smeralda or AIDAnova. There are only speci? c minor

Normally, we refuel every two weeks, and the bunkering improvements on what was an already very safe and reliable takes place in Barcelona. Given the evolving scenario on this system and operation. They are basically lessons learnt from technology, the bunkering operations can be anyway consid- the previous sister ships. Talking about other technologies, the ered quite ? exible, for the future. For example, we also carried entire daily supply of the ship is met by transforming sea water out this operation in La Spezia.

using desalinators. Energy consumption is minimized thanks to an intelligent energy ef? ciency system. In addition, 100%

What’s the range on LNG alone separate waste collection and recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum are carried out on board, compared to a similar vessel run- which are part of an integrated approach aimed at implement- ning on MGO?

ing circular economy projects.

The range depends not on the type of fuel but on the size of

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