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The month’s best technical innovations


Ecochlor EcoOne Cat G20CM34 Hydropen FiFi System

Ecochlor launched a containerized Caterpillar Motoren introduced a new HydroPen from Viking Life-Saving version of the EcoOne ? lterless ballast alternative fuel option enabling usage of Equipment is designed for direct ? re- water management system (BWMS), up to 25% of hydrogen content mixed ? ghting in stacked shipping containers targeting the Semi-Submersible Rigs, with natural gas in Cat G20CM34 en- onboard commercial vessels. It is unique

Jack-Up Rigs, Drillships, FPSOs, FS- gines. Prior to this upgrade, G20CM34 in the sense that it is driven purely by

RUs and other vessels with infrequent gas engines operated with a hydrogen water pressure through an attached deck ballasting operations at medium to high content of up to 10%. The engine con- ? re hose. When water pressure is acti- ? ow rates. trol strategy automatically reacts to ? uc- vated, a turbine will drive the HydroPen

The EcoOne Container Unit has a tuating hydrogen contents in fuel gas drilling unit until it penetrates the con- small footprint and does not require supply and thus ensures safe operation tainer door, whereupon the system will ? lters. Installation requirements below with different admixture rates. With the spray water into the container to extin- deck and in the pontoons are minimal additional hydrogen content, the perfor- guish the ? re directly at the source. In with only one-way, 1”/DN25 piping. mance of the G20CM34 is maintained the case of a ? re at height in the con-

Additionally, the container can be re- and a signi? cant reduction for carbon tainer stack, the HydroPen system can moved while the MODU is stationary, monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon be deployed using a telescopic device. saving valuable deck space. emissions has been demonstrated. Available with water, foam or CO2.

Liebherr Ecochlor

Maersk Supply Service Caterpillar


Heavy Lift Ship Crane Steerprop for WIV Sealink 60

Driven by the growth in the size of Steerprop won an order to supply the Marlink unveiled Sealink 60, a Ku- wind turbines, Liebherr’s all-electric complete propulsion package for a Wind band VSAT service designed for smaller heavy lift crane series is being expanded Installation Vessel (WIV), a ship being merchant, offshore and ? shing vessels with an 800-tons crane. built at Sembcorp Marine for Maersk seeking to upgrade from L-band ser-

The new terms and the capital letters Supply Service. The company’s scope vices. Sealink 60 offers users a choice used allow a direct assignment as Lieb- includes six of Steerprop’s ducted L- of two 60cm antennas and is available herr (L) - ship crane (S). The number, as drive azimuth propulsors with an out- with different service plans, with or part of the designation, provides infor- put power of 4500 kW and two 900 kW without guaranteed bandwidth. It can be mation about the maximum load capaci- Steerprop Tunnel Thrusters. The jack-up provided to vessels in several regional ty, which is 800 tonnes for the LS 800 E. type WIV features a design with a load coverage areas as well as during transits

In addition to the much larger dimen- transfer system patented by MSS. The between areas.The service is offered sions of the crane, the LS 800 E has an needs to operate safely and ef? ciently in with unlimited usage, data speeds up all-electric drive concept, and as a result the harsh sea conditions the vessel will to 5 Mbps and a choice of Maximum the machine helps to reduce the ship’s face while serving the east coast U.S. Information Rate (MIR)-only or com-

CO2 emissions. Empire Offshore Wind project. bined MIR/Committed Information

Rate (CIR) plans. 56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • September 2022

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