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SHIP REPAIR upgrades or conversions could hasten the supply of support

Title XI boost ships in the offshore wind sector.

Analysts believe that the Administration’s mid-year move

In another upgrade, early in 2022, Norway’s Norside Wind to boost investment in the offshore wind sector through Ti-

AS opted to convert the platform supply vessel, Farland, into a tle XI funding could lead to a series of new contracts in US walk-to-work vessel for the offshore wind sector. The vessel, yards. It will certainly help to offset higher US construction of Ulstein PX121 design, has been equipped with a motion- costs and it could help timing at the front end by ? nalizing compensated gangway, an Access & Cargo Tower, a new ac- funding faster. commodation module, and a battery package. The converted

However, experts have already warned that a shortage of vessel will now operate under the name Norside Cetus. suitable installation and support vessels over the second half

Although Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has transformed the of the decade is likely, just as infrastructure development is energy backdrop, generating a rebound in oil and gas explora- set to accelerate. This could cast doubt on President Biden’s tion as energy security becomes the number one priority, there target of 30GW of offshore wind energy by 2030.

Some believe that the Jones Act requirements may also are still signi? cant numbers of support vessels that could be upgraded for operation in the offshore wind sector. And as the slow down ? eet development because US shipyards are new

US intends to ramp up offshore wind development as quickly to this potentially lucrative sector. However, others point to as possible, retro? ts and conversions could offer an interest- joint venture opportunities with designers and builders in re- ing option. gions where offshore wind is already an important component of energy supply.

Fast track

Meanwhile, the opportunity to upgrade or convert existing

Pedestal installation offshore vessels could provide a fast track. Ulstein has complet- on the Windea ed a number of conversion projects including the two PX121 platform supply vessels, Esvagt Leah and Esvagt Heidi. Both

Leibniz 30 Nov 2022.

ships, originally built at Ulstein Verft, returned there in 2021 to be upgraded with more environmentally friendly power systems and converted into emergency response and rescue vessels.

Another more extensive upgrade is currently in progress in

Ulsteinvik. The shipyard is currently engaged in the upgrad- ing of the Service Operation Vessel (SOV), Windea Leibniz, built in 2017, which features a TWIN X-STERN. This unique

Ulstein hull form provides the vessel, managed by Bernhard

Schulte Offshore, with signi? cantly better seakeeping quali- ties, widening the weather window.

The SOV has already worked successfully for Siemens

Gamesa on the Sandbank and DanTysk wind farms in the

German North Sea. But her operational window will now be signi? cantly increased by a series of modi? cations. These in- clude the recently completed installation of an adjustable ped- estal for the gangway and a 50% increase in single cabins for charterers, providing accommodation for 60 persons. This will mean a change in the vessel’s status from SOV to Construction


Thumbs-up from ships’ crews

The ship’s TWIN X-STERN, in particular, has proved pop- ular with shipboard personnel. Not only does stern-to-the-sea operation often simplify and extend day-to-day working, but it also makes life on board more comfortable in heavy weath- er. Although the SOV is likely to be redeployed on projects in the North and Baltic Seas, the new features demonstrate how

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