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Safe, effcient offshore operations is the focus of the futuristic oX bridge concept from Rolls-Royce.

The story begins on page 18. (Photo courtesy Rolls-Royce)

Contents 14 Subsea Vessels

Features A 10-Y ear Market Projection 12 Interview: Over the next fve years Fr ode Støldal $122B is projected to be CEO, MCP spent on subsea value opera-

There is a digital disconnect tions, a 64% increase over the offshore, as communication previous 5-year period.

standards commonly found By Lance Manion onshore are cut adrift at sea.

Frode Støldal, CEO, MCP, explains his company’s solu- 16 FLNG Prelude Set tions. to Debut By D. Dexter FLNG Prelude is one of the world’s largest and most expensive maritime construc- tion projects ever. OER gets and insider’s view.

By Rashaun Truffes

The offshore community suffers, on both an industry-wide and personal level, by having “ limited access to the modern standards of connectivity. 32 ”

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COLUMNS 12 5 Minutes 14 Markets 16 FLNG 10 RRC Robitica 18 oX: Future Bridge

Frode Støldal, Over the next FLNG Prelude is

Offshore & IMR specialist The ‘heads up’ display makes

CEO, MCP, fve years $122B one of the world’s in Brazil. its way onto the bridge of shares with is projected to be largest and most B y Claudio Paschoa the world’s modern OSV

Offhore Engineer- spent on subsea expensive mari- feet. ing Reporter his value operations, time construction 11 Oil’s Bad Year insights on the a 64% increase projects ever. OER 18 Laser Scanning

In comparison to other com- future of commu- over the previous gets and insider’s modities, oil had a bad year. Clarity of vision using subsea nications offshore. 5-year period. view.

A very bad year laser scanning is raising the B y OER Staff bar on subsea effciency.

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