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Rob Howard Rob Howard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Rob started with Maritime in late 1998 as advertising sales manager for Maritime Reporter and Engineering News & Marine News Magazine and grew with the company into his current position of the past 8 years as Vice President developing and managing the sales and marketing team for the world’s leading B2B media group covering the international maritime, shipbuilding and underwater technology markets.
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Jean Vertucci Jean Vertucci, Advertising Sales Manager
Jean began her successful Advertising Sales Management career at the Maritime Reporter & Engineering News back in 1995 and was a key player in the launch and growth of one of the company’s main titles- Marine News Magazine. She holds a Bachelors degree in Public Relations and a Master’s degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology. Her extensive sales career has included the launch of many commercial industry titles, conferences, and trade shows for the marine and chemical markets. Currently, Jean sells for Maritime Reporter, Marine News and Maritime Professional in print and digital media.
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Editorial Calendar

Mar/Apr 2018

IT & Software

Maritime Carriers Bulk Carrier Sector Report
Port Logistics Regulatory Impact Report
Finance the Cost of Big Data
Tech SATCOM Solutions
Product Terminal Operating software
Special Report Terminal, Yard Management

May/Jun 2018

Container Ports

Maritime Carriers Top 25 Ocean Liners
Port Logistics Competing for Market Share
Finance Vessel Valuation Evolves
Tech Vessel Management Software
Product Container Handling Equipment
Special Report End-to-End Turnkey Logistics

Jul/Aug 2018

Port Infrastructure & Development

Maritime Carriers Coastal Commerce
Port Logistics Dredging & Infrastructure
Finance P3 Projects
Tech Port Security & Cyber Protection
Special Report Port Planning Simulation
Service Dredging Contractors

Sep/Oct 2018

Liner Shipping & Logistics

Maritime Carriers Shifting Alliances & Ports
Port Logistics Equipment Evolves
Finance Operator Consolidation Continues
Tech Hybrid & Long-Distance Learning
Product e-Commerce Platforms
Special Report Managing Your Mariners

Nov/Dec 2018

Regulatory & Environmental Review

Port Logistics LNG Bunkers / Infrastructure
Finance The Cost of Green
Tech Supply Chain Management
Special Report MARPOL Annex VI (2020)
Service Providers Liquid Bulk Storage

Planned issues

Planned date: Nov/Dec 2018

Regulatory & Environmental Review

Planned date: Sep/Oct 2018

Liner Shipping & Logistics

Product: e-Commerce Platforms

Planned date: Jul/Aug 2018

Port Infrastructure & Development

Planned date: May/Jun 2018

Container Ports

Product: Container Handling Equipment

Planned date: Mar/Apr 2018

IT & Software

Product: Terminal Operating software

Planned date: Jan/Feb 2018

Cruise Shipping Trends

Product: Maritime Security Providers

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