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Fastwave Wireless Communications

Fastwave Communications develops advanced wireless communication solutions for global monitoring, control and tracking applications. These solutions include autonomous and mobile data acquisition, logging and telemetry devices built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The company has recently developed a global system for transmitting near real time data from wireless sub-sea sensors and control systems. The system uses the

Iridium constellation of 66 low earth orbit satellites, which provides global, two-way, real time data capability from any location, including small floating platforms such as buoys, enabling the integration of surface monitoring and control systems with underwater wireless networks.

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Oyster PE: Alternative to

Data Loggers

The Oceanscience Group released Oyster

PE, a ruggedized, water-resistant, full-fea- tured miniature computer. The Oyster PE's is designed to be easy to use, with large data capacity, expandable I/O, versatile commu- nications and networking capabilities.

Created for industrial use, the PC incor- porates a Celeron processor in a rugged

IP67 aluminum case. Windows XP or optional Linux operating systems provide familiar user interfaces and minimize train- ing. Wireless 802.11 b/g LAN allows ad hoc or infrastructure networking; options include RF and Iridium satellite communi- cations. The standard configuration includes a 4 GB solid state compact flash hard drive, 512MB SDRAM, 4 serial inputs and 2 USB ports. Low power consumption and versatility position the Oyster PE as a platform for supporting sea- and land-based data collection and monitoring.

The Oceanscience Group manufactures a wide variety of waterproof communications and oceanographic / hydrologic instrument platforms for universities, government agen- cies and private industry

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Technology Partnership

Tritech International of Aberdeen,

Scotland and Wireless Fibre Systems of

Livingston, Scotland announced a part- nership agreement to promote radio frequency solutions for specific offshore oil and gas industry use where elec- comms

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