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tromagnetic techniques address niche underwater applications. "It has been clear that existing acoustic systems have their limitations, particularly in noisy underwater environments or where transmission at very high data rates is required," said Richard Marsh, Managing Director of

Tritech International. "This was the problem I posed to

Wireless Fibre System Ltd. in early 2005. They have responded magnificently with a range of pioneering ideas and solutions. So much so that Tritech has now formed a partnership with WFS to jointly promote these exciting new products and concepts." The companies plan to launch a number of innovative products in the near future including: • Dual mode Acoustic / RF modems to provide robust, high availability communications for safety critical appli- cations RF solutions for: High data transfer rate for ROV or

AUV to sensor/data loggers; Real time AUV control;

High resilience safety applications; Sensor synchroniza- tion; Through water - air interface communication links;

Diver texting and telemetry. "We are developing a short range, broadband commu- nications system for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)," said Brendan Hyland, Chairman & CEO of

WFS. "This will support faster and more covert commu- nications between AUVs and sub-sea data loggers, surface vessels and docking stations."

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MTN Provides Live Video, Cellular

Service from Submarine

Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN) has joined with the American Broadcast Companies (ABC) to provide a live, real-time broadcast on board a submerged submarine. ABC's Good Morning America segment "Run

Silent, Run Deep" was broadcast recently from aboard a

US Navy submarine while the sub was under water, and under way. This was reportedly the first broadcast of its kind. The nuclear submarine, USS Scranton, and the US

Navy support vessel USNS Dolores Chouest, which fol- lowed the sub, were each equipped with a 1900 MHz high-gain CDMA antenna and microwave communica- tions equipment. The sub had cellular telephones installed below deck and the ship was equipped with a

CDMA PICO Cell and cellular telephones outfitted by

Wireless Maritime Services, a joint venture between

MTN and Cingular Wireless. The submarine transmitted the live video broadcast to the Chouest using bi-direc- tional microwave radios. The cellular technology was used to support all of the live two-way communications between the studio in New York and the sub below the surface. All of the video and cellular traffic was uplinked via MTN's video broadcast network using satellite com- munications technology. MTN's technology allows live real-time, full bandwidth satellite video feeds at the site of the action, enhancing the quality of news coverage by not only reporting the scene, but taking the viewers into the scene itself.

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Delta Wave Offers New Sat Phone Kit

Delta Wave Communications released its new ST2900FIP portable satellite phone system.

Delta Wave's (FIP) has passed Globalstar's testing and is now a Globalstar certified prod- uct. Designed specifically for the offshore oil and gas Industry, it is a turnkey Globalstar satellite phone that was designed for quick and easy deployment. It also has terrestrial appli- cations where customers require communications where land lines or cellular service do no exist, and is especially ideal for emergency backup communications. The below-decks equipment is housed in a NEMA enclosure which requires minimal space for installation.

The kit includes a corded and cordless handset system which is connected to a standard

RJ11 port. Though a corded/cordless phone set is included, it may also be ordered without one in cases where customers might want to use their own, or to wish to integrate the system into their PBX or

Key system. The RS232 data port offers e-mail and internet connectivity at speeds of up to 56kbps when using

Globalstar's Express Data package. All data software is included in the package. 55-ft. of coax cable is included.

An unprecedented feature is that it may also be quickly deployed to areas where power is not available. With its battery backup, the system can run for 24 hours (3.5 hours talk time) before recharging the battery.

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