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The MSI FANSWEEP transducer array is unique in its ability to pro- vide continuous, gap-free, high-reso- lution bathymetry out to extreme swath angles using curved face geom- etry to evenly distribute maximum sound energy to all ensonified seafloor sectors. "Our company's distinctive capabil- ity to injection-mold and layer our array elements into complex shapes and contours, as well as our ability to exploit the inherent wideband per- formance of 1-3 piezocomposite material were the keys to making this program a success" said Dr. Les

Bowen, MSI Founder and President.

Sonartech's Managing Director,

Gordon Hargreave, agreed stating: "The FS 30C is arguably the single biggest advance in multibeam tech- nology, made possible through the exploitation of MSI's transducer technology. We are obviously delight- ed to have now set the new perform- ance benchmark for multibeam sys- tems."

Despite the significant distance and time differences between the compa- nies, the MSI and Sonartech design teams successfully collaborated to develop and demonstrate a truly innovative transducer array for the world's most advanced multibeam sonar system.

Lockheed Martin Gets $144.3M for Navy's ADS

The U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed

Martin $144.3 million for continued development of the Advanced

Deployable System (ADS), a rapidly deployable undersea surveillance sys- tem. The work will be performed under an option to a $21 million contract awarded to Lockheed

Martin in 2004. Under the option,

Lockheed Martin will provide system engineering, detailed design and pro- gram management required to con- duct a Detailed Design Review and build a system that will be deployed from a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for technical and operational evalua- tion. ADS uses distributed passive acoustic bottom mounted arrays wirelessly linked to an analysis and reporting system to provide continu- ous acoustic coverage over large areas of the ocean. If all options of the

ADS contract are exercised, the cumulative value will be $243 mil- lion.

PSS Sells Olympian 5

ROVs to China

Perry Slingsby Systems (PSS) reports that a Chinese client pur- chased an Olympian Class WROV.

Depth rated to 3,500m, the

Olympian 5 will interface with PSS' previously supplied TMS, umbilical & electric heave compensated deployment winch and surface con- trol system. The contract includes on site training and sea trials support in

China, and the integration of the client's ROV Dynamic Positioning

System (DPS) and Virtual

Monitoring System (VMS). The

Olympian 5 is scheduled for delivery in May 2006.

Teledyne RD Instruments’

Free Online Seminars

Using WebEx technology,

Teledyne RD

Instruments has implemented an e- learning program designed to provide the industry with ongoing internet-based ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) and DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) training. All courses are fully interac- tive and include a PowerPoint presen- tation, led by a qualified instructor.

Designated as Teledyne RDI

University, this program allows busy

ADCP and DVL users and potential users to attend free courses via the internet from the comfort of their own office. Courses have been designed to cover a wide array of timely and interesting topics includ- ing Teledyne RDI's hardware, soft- ware, data analysis, and field applica- tions, as well as tips and tricks to make data collection easier and more efficient.

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