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48 MTR March 2006

PSS Leases Triton XLS 19 and 20

Perry Slingsby Systems (PSS) said that Aberdeen-based TSMarine (Contracting) Ltd., has signed three- year lease contracts for Triton XLS 19 and 20 ROV systems with PSS. The two vehicle systems are being assem- bled and tested at PSS' U.K. facility and also include the new "Enhanced

Type III" extended excursion capabil- ity TMS units, the latest evolution of the highly successful PSS TMS range, now capable of storing over 700 m of 35 mm diameter tether.

Sparton Wins $20M


Sparton Electronics, DeLeon

Springs, Fla., won a $19,990,726 firm-fixed-price modification to pre- viously awarded contract (N00164- 05-C-6760) for procurement of

AN/SSQ-53F sonobuoys and associ- ated data. AN/SSQ-53F sonobuoys are dropped from various airborne platforms and utilized for search and detection of submerged submarines.

Work will be performed in DeLeon

Springs, Fla., and is expected to be completed by February 2008.

FarSounder Wins GSA

Schedule Contract

FarSounder earned inclusion in the

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule 58-I contract list. Under the five-year con- tract, FarSounder will be listed as a preferred government-approved ven- dor and can provide advanced Sonar systems to federal, state, and local governments. To further simplify ordering, FarSounder's listing will also be available on GSA Advantage. (, the govern- ment's electronic ordering system.

Only authorized purchasing agents for the government are able to pur- chase through GSA.

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Sonar Upgrade Contract


Lockheed Martin Corp., Maritime

Systems and Sensors, Manassas, Va., won a $28.9 million cost-plus incen- tive-fee/award-fee modification to previously awarded contract for pro- duction of sonar upgrade spares kits and sonar system for SSGN Class and

SSN 774 Class submarines, respec- tively, under the Acoustic-Rapid

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Insertion (A-RCI) program. 3U Supports ROV

Development 3U Technologies completed a long- term support contract to assist the

Schilling Sub-Atlantic Alliance with development of Schilling Robotics'

UHD, an Ultra Heavy-Duty, hydraulic remotely operated vehicle (ROV). 3U Technologies supported

Schilling Robotics in designing and developing hydraulic power and con- trol, electric power, and mechanical systems for the UHD. The UHD combines 21st century electronics and controls with mechanical and hydraulic systems in an ROV package designed to provide superior per- formance and reliability in perform- ing complex subsea work tasks.


SeaRobotics Corporation (SRC) has a family of Unmanned Surface

Vehicles (USV) capable of fully autonomous execution of a pre- defined mission plan, or they can be remotely operated. Ranging in length from 2 to 5 m and weighing 15 to 120 kg, the USVs can carry payloads ranging from 3 to 40 kg at velocities up to 5 m/sec. Working in conjunc- tion with the US Geological Survey (USGS), the US Army Corp of

Engineers (USACE), and Water

Survey Canada (WSC), SeaRobotics is completing the development and testing of two USVs which are designed to carry ADCPs for the stream gauging process.

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Gulf Recovery is Slow

According to the U.S. Minerals

Management Service (MMS), as of

February 22, 2006, shut-in oil pro- duction remained at 362,796 barrels per day, or 24.19 percent of normal production of 1.5 million bpd.

Natural gas output shut was 1.504 billion cu. ft. per day, or 15.04 per- cent of normal daily output. That was only slightly improved from the

February 8 report. people & companies

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