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50 MTR March 2006

Products & Systems on Display at Oceanology International 2006 in London 4H FerryBox 4H FerryBox is an automated mon- itoring equipment.

This system is an operational tool using ferries as car- riers and platforms for automated monitoring equip- ment. The system consists of a sea- water intake, a debubbling device, a main loop with sensors for tempera- ture, salinity, pH, oxygen, turbidity and algae abundance. The water of another loop is filtered for analysis of ammonium, nitrate/nitrite, o-phos- phate and silicate.

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Compass Probes from AOS

EZ Compass Probe is a three axis

Magnetometer-Compass with tilt and temperature compensation produced by Advanced Orientation Systems.

The water-proof probe transmits heading, pitch, roll, magnetic field and temperature over RS232 or

RS422 ports. Compass probe meas- ures tilt angles up to +-75 arcdeg and includes hard and two types of soft iron calibrations. The Probe includes all the required mathematics to accu- rately calculate vertical and horizontal directional vectors.

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Atlas Hydrographic


Atlas Hydrographic extended its

Atlas Deso range of survey echosounders with the introduction of a new advanced three-channel sys- tem featuring a networked Windows interface with associated software,

Atlas Deso 35. Available as a compact rack-mounted assembly for ease of installation or one that can be operat- ed direct from a

PC, the system pro- vides full-size split- screen LCD displays of port and star- board measurements with internal data storage. Atlas Deso 35 very low frequency operation down to 3 kHz with a 3 kW power output enables enhanced sub-bottom penetration over depths down to 6,000m.

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Brooke Ocean Technology

Brooke Ocean Technology's (BOT)

Laser Optical Plankton Counter (LOPC) counts and provides shape profiles (for larger species) of zoo- plankton. The Free Fall Cone

Electrometer (FFCPT) is used to determine seafloor sediment geotech- nical strength and sediment type.

Both instruments can be deployed from the Moving

Vessel Profiler (MVP). A new prod- uct, SeaCycler is an energy efficient subsurface winch and profiling sys- tem which can collect data profiles for up to 12 months.

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AUV from C&C

C&C Technologies features the C-

Surveyor I AUV rated for water depths up to 3,000 meters. The

AUV's sensor payload included multibeam swath high resolution bathymetry and imagery, chirp side- scan sonar and sub- bottom profiler, differential GPS integrated with acoustic / inertial navigation and acoustic communica- tions. Since delivery in January 2001,

C & C's C-Surveyor I AUV has com- pleted over 55,000 km of survey lines for a variety of worldwide clients.

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C-MAX Deck Units

C-MAX introduces two new deck units for its CM2 Sidescan Sonar

System. The Sonar Transceiver (STR), with a laptop linked to its

USB interface, provides a compact and economical acquisition capabil- ity. As an alterna- tive, the C-Case all- in-one weather-

The following is a compendium of information received from companies exhibiting at the Oi06 exhibition in London.

Please use this as a handy guide in your search for breaking news and new technologies scheduled to debut at the exhi- bition.


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