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driving software that uses the cable tracker data to steer the vehicle.

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Metocean Services


Metocean Services International provides a range of oceanographic and meteorological services to the off- shore oil and gas market, coastal engi- neers, dredging companies and port authorities. These include physical measurement services, desktop stud- ies, data processing/reporting and weather forecasting.

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Ocean Monitoring System

Tsunami and flood forecast, envi- ronmental information, help in search and rescue operations and improved home land security are the focus of OMS. Over-the-Horizon

Radar WERA, buoys located on the surface and landers on the sea floor provide data on water quality, cur- rents and wind speed as well as seis- mic data. These are combined with bathymetric data, sea floor topogra- phy, wave propagation modeling and near coast wave height measurement.

OMS is being developed by a region- al cluster of companies, consultancies and institutions based in Schleswig-

Holstein, northern Germany. The system will be operational in early 2007.

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ORE Offshore to

Showcase USBL

ORE Offshore will display the new TrackPoint 3P Portable

USBL Acoustic

Tracking System at OI 2006. The TrackPoint 3P

System includes a deck unit; an inte- grated USBL acoustic signal proces- sor designed to operate with up to four targets sequentially for a wide range of subsea navigation and reloca- tion tasks. It is contained in a portable, water resistant enclosure.

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Oil Detection System

OSIL introduces the Slick Sleuth from InterOcean Systems, an above water oil detection system. In addi- tion to InterOcean Systems, OSIL is a distributor for AML, Guildline,

Sontek and YSI. Monitoring systems are custom built for coastal, offshore and ports and harbors.

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RBR Enhances Data

Loggers, Buoys

A new module has been developed that adds SD/MMC removable flash memory (up to 2GB capacity) and

USB2.0 connectivity to the flexible

RBR data loggers and data buoy con- troller. The USB connection is designed to allow for ultra high-speed data transfer, and is especially useful when removal of the card is not feasi- ble or the user does not have access to an SD/MMC card reader.

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Remote Ocean Systems'


Remote Ocean Systems unveiled an underwater spotlight, the LED

SmartLIGHT. It uses a solid state light engine to produce a high inten- sity light output equivalent to a 125 watt incan- descent bulb.


SmartLIGHT is depth rated to 3000 m. It operates on 24 VDC, is fully dimmable, and pro- duces a video image with its 5500k color temperature. Illumination life is over 50,000 hours.

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Sonavision Launches

RoxAnn GD

Sonavision launched the RoxAnn 56 MTR March 2006

Products & Systems on Display at Oceanology International 2006 in London


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