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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of March 2006 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 55 m. The new product will include all earlier features, and will use chirp technology to obtain extended range capability. It will also offer high-den- sity signal processing and increased number of soundings for improved resolution. Also from Kongsberg

Maritime is the SBP 300 multibeam sediment profiler, designed for inte- gration with EM 302.

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E-sea Sound MP 35

Marimatech has manufactured

Hydrographic Survey Equipment for more than a decade. Its E-sea Sound

MP 35, used for shallow water sur- veys as well as full ocean dept, is able to perform sup-bottom penetration, multiple layer tracking and advanced heave, roll and pitch correction. Mud layer detection is yet another feature.

The E-sea Sound MP 35 has now been equipped with a flash drive memory.

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OceanWaves GmbH

OceanWaveS GmbH develops, pro- duces and markets the Wave

Monitoring System WaMoS II. This operational remote sensing system permits reliable measurements of the actual sea state with a conventional nautical X-Band radar. Full direction- al ocean waves spectra and sea state parameters like significant wave height, period, and direction as well as currents are detected in real time.

WaMoS II is participating in several international research projects. The type approved system is continuously expanded as new features for single wave detection, high-resolution cur- rent measurements and water depth estimation are implemented.

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Martec METOCEAN Data

Systems designs and manufactures air-deployed and ship-deployed drift- ing buoys. The buoys, prior to deployment, has a diameter of 8-in. and weighs 23.5 pounds. The buoys are constructed using heavy gauge, marine-grade aluminum, has four, quarter-cylinder foam floats and a top-loaded, truncated, monopole argos antenna with active GPS ele- ment antenna above. The buoy can operate in an air temperature of -20°

C to +35° C, fresh or water tempera- ture between -2° C to +35° C, and a significant wave height of 8 meters.

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Crawler from

Meerestechnik Bremen

Meerestechnik Bremen's Crawler — which measures 3.3 x 2.3 m and weighs 900 kg — is equipped with a

TSS 350 cable tracker, and is designed to drive four knots under water, at an operating depth of 200 m. The Crawler drives automatically over the sea cable because of the smart

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