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54 MTR March 2006 eration and distribution of spatial information within interest commu- nities and for individual customers.

SISCAL does not provide "one-size- fits-all" products, but offers tailor- made solutions for individual needs including product generation sched- ule, area of interest, geographic pro- jection, data formats and choice of algorithms. Customers access their orders via the internet at www.sis- without the need to download and process large data files and can even make use of a dedicated GIS solution allowing the combination of

SISCAL products with their own GIS information layers.

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Innespace Technology

Innerspace Technology will be dis- playing its Windows XP based survey sounders and peripheral hydrograph- ic products and announced the new, 620 PHSS, a complete hydrographic data collection system in a single, waterproof tran- sit/operating case.

The 620 is designed for both military and commercial shallow water and littoral zone applications.

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Innomar Technologie




GmbH presents its new system variant SES-2000 deep, a portable parametric sub- bottom profiler for deep-sea oper- ations is rated for water depths of 5 to 6000m. It has a very narrow sound beam of ±1.5° for low frequencies between 2 and 7kHz with a transducer of 0.8m ´ 0.75m.

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Innovative Technology


The Acoustic Systems Trainer for

SONAR has been designed and man- ufactured for underwater studies.

The system is comprised of a con- trol Console, containing the CW and

Pulse gating electronics, and the hard- ware/software-processing (Sonar Signal Analyzer -

SSA) interface with the computer. The transpar- ent Acoustic Tank is con- structed from acrylic material, measuring 1.2 meters in length, 600mm deep, and 600mm wide, with a capacity for 400 liters of water.

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IVS3D's Fledermaus


Interactive Visualization Systems' (IVS3D) Fledermaus software suite provides users with a set of interactive 3-D visualization tools for data prepa- ration, analysis and presentation.

Fledermaus allows users near real- time, interactive 3-D display of very large complex scenes at their full res- olution. Data such as backscatter, side scan, geo-referenced aerial photo- graphs or images (still images from an

ROV) can be draped over topograph- ic or bathymetric data sets.

Fledermaus also enables the user to import and geo-reference vertical images, such as seismic sections or geological profiles.

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Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime will launch the

EM 302, a new version of the EM 300 multibeam echo sounder, a prod- uct for marine geology mapping of the seabed for depths to 5000 - 6000

Noise Control Engineering, Inc.

Shipboard Noise & Vibration Control

Design ? Analysis ? FEA ? Treatment Selection

Diagnostics ? Testing ? Underwater Noise 978-670-5339 ? Fax 978-667-7047 799 Middlesex Turnpike ? Billerica, MA 01821 ?

Products & Systems on Display at Oceanology International 2006 in London


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