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The vehicle was designed to provide extended mission endurance, increased payload capacity, and greater operating depth. The new

REMUS 6000 is capable of highly intricate deep-water operations in water depths up to 6000 m, allowing for a wide spectrum of autonomous operations. The vehicle can be config- ured to operate at depths of 4000 m.

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Software from Hypack

HYPACK develops Hypack Max, which is designed to provide the sur- veyor with all of the tools needed to design their survey, collect data, process it, reduce it, and generate final products. The Tin Model and 3D Terrain Visualization (3DTV) programs of Hypack Max provide tools to view and present your data. 3DTV allows users to fly a 'camera' across the edited XYZ surface and display the results or save them to a

AVI file for distribution to clients. In addition, Hypack's Hysweep is an optional module that integrates the collection and processing of multi- beam and multiple transducer sonar systems into Hypack Max. Hypack also develops Dredgepack used for providing precise digging informa- tion on dredges. The program can also create complex dredging plans.

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Underwater Pluggable


Impulse's underwater pluggable cables feature a pressure balanced design, which allows underwater mat- ing and unmating of connectors with the power off. Depending on the connector type, neoprene molded bulkhead connectors have either brass or stainless steel bodies. Circular or low profile bulkhead connectors are available with 1 to 8 contacts and neoprene molded in-line connectors.

The cables have up to 10,000 psi pressure rating in the mated position; bulkhead connector design in the open face position is rated to 5,000 psi.

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SISCAL from Informus

Informus GmbH exhibits the SIS-

CAL service for the generation and distribution of Earth Observation (EO) data products in near-real-time at Oi06. SISCAL has been developed within the framework of an R&D project supported by the European

Commission. The service is actually targeting the aquatic environment, but is also a generic tool for the gen-

The German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool is an association and public-pri- vate-partnership (PPP) of 25 German companies and research institutes.

GHyCoP is backed by the two German agencies BSH and BGR responsible for hydrography, marine management and monitoring. Teaming-up and bundling portfolios and expertises plus operating in close cooperation with large research institutes and agencies provides far better access to and stronger positions on the world-markets. GHyCoP's products and services cover the full range of hydro- graphic and oceanographic platforms, equipment and associated services. The pool's product portfolio includes survey vessels, monitoring and maritime securi- ty systems and the full scope of investigation platforms, instrumentation and sensors. Services comprise surveying, mapping, simulation, operator training and a wide range of consultancy and applied research activities. This enables

GHyCoP to operate as a one-stop maritime technology and service provider and shop. GHyCoP exhibits on OI- 2006 on the German Pavilion and several pool members will be also present with individual booths.

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GHyCoP - German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool

Products & Systems on Display at Oceanology International 2006 in London


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