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52 MTR March 2006

Analyst help analysts represent data in a format that readily shows trends and patterns.

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Fastwave Wireless


Fastwave Communications devel- ops advanced wireless communica- tion solutions for global monitoring, control and tracking applications.

These solutions include autonomous and mobile data acquisition, logging and telemetry devices built to with- stand harsh environmental condi- tions. The company has recently developed a global system for trans- mitting near real time data from wire- less sub-sea sensors and control sys- tems.

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General Acoustics




GmbH spe- cializes in acoustic measuring devices and devel- ops, produces and sells its own high- technology devices from their head- quarters in Kiel, Germany and through their network of representa- tives around the world. The products include Water Level and Wave meas- uring Systems as well as special echo sounders for the hydrographical and- geological operations.

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GeoAcoustics Sonar

GeoAcoustics' new 24-bit digital side scan sonar provides full 24-bit data, digitized directly at the trans- ducers, thus providing surveyors with high quality resolution. With sonar frequencies based upon the combina- tion of 100kHz and 400kHz, this sonar is designed to provide a high level of image clarity. The system can also be mobilized as a modular sonar on ROVs and AUVs. Integral sensors provide motion readings and the user friendly data format is compatible with existing processor.

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Global Marine Services

Global Marine is an independent provider of submarine cable installa- tion and maintenance. Offered serv- ices include: Cable joint assembly and installation; Cable storage and logis- tics; Charting; Equipment leasing;

Network planning and design;

Offshore wind-farm installation;

ROV and deepwater plough services, training and leasing; Submarine telecommunications cable installation & maintenance; Subsea site planning and survey; Subsea technology train- ing and engineering and Undersea research equipment installation & maintenance.

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Hägglunds Drives

Hägglunds manufacture complete hydraulic drives systems including hydraulic motors, power units and control systems. Our services include piping, installation and commission- ing. Our products are designed to give direct hydraulic drive to many applications, eliminating the need of gearboxes. In the motor product line, you will find names like Viking,

Marathon and Compact. All the motors come in varied sizes with many options and accessories.You achieve benefits of simplicity, saving space, improved control, reduced costs and gain high reliability with low maintenance in almost any envi- ronment.

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Hydroid’s Remus AUV

The REMUS 100 from Hydroid is designed to be a light-weight, com- pact AUV designed for operation in coastal environments up to 100 m in depth used for a wide array of hydro- graphic and environmental monitor- ing applications. The new REMUS 600 is designed as a highly versatile, modular AUV used for the collection of oceanographic data in water depths up to 600 m, and can also be config- ured for 1500 or 3000 m operations.

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