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54 MTR May 2008 new products

Ametek Connectors

Ametek designs, develops and man- ufactures electrical and fiber optic connectors for extreme environments and critical applications. Ametek offers Sea Connect Products Gigabit

Ethernet connector is now available in two configurations: for underwa- ter or outboard of the submarine or undersea systems in oil/gas and explo- ration applications and for surface or inboard applications of ships, sub- marines, tanks and aircraft and land systems.

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Subconn Micro Connector

Subconn Connectors' Micro con- nectors were developed to meet the demand for a more compact connec- tor to match the decrease in size of underwater electronic packages.

Applications include Cab mounted

GPS, electric pumps and motors and boat motors.

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Electrochem offers a portfolio of cells in various sizes, temperature ranges, and rate capabilities. As a test- ed expert in assembly and integra- tion, including value added solutions such as charging and battery manage- ment, the range of resources and experience ensures that the custom design is the exact fit for each cus- tomer application.

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Hermes Multiplexor

Sonavision announced sales of the new Hermes MM-A Multiplexor to

Global Contractor Oceaneering

International. Hermes is a hardwired communications multiplexor for data transmission through 8 bi-directional channels over a single twisted pair.

Data communication capability over the cable is 230kbaud in either

RS232 or RS485 modes as selected or switched by the operator. Although initially designed for the Sonavision suite of sensors, the communication link will reportedly carry communi- cations to and from any other serial devices. Set up of the data link is achieved via USB at the surface. A PC based program allows the user to set up channels for format, baud rate & priority. Additionally, the Hermes can be supplied with hardware to dis- tribute and switch power supplies via one channel to a total of 7 sensors.

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CaviBlaster Model LG-1620

CaviDyne introduces the

CaviBlaster LG-1620, an air-cooled, diesel driven unit operating at 2,000 psi with the cleaning capacity of a 10,000 psi pressure washer. The LG- 1620 is designed to remove fouling from all types of underwater surfaces without damaging the paint or pro- tective coatings. The low operating pressure protects the diver from being injured and the zero-thrust lance minimizes stress trauma.

CaviBlasters create high-energy cavitation bubbles. The vacuum created when the bubbles implode pulls the marine growth from the underwater sur- faces being cleaned.

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