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Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT) announced a new model of its

OceanCam underwater IP video product with many advanced fea- tures. The OPT-06 OceanCam is now available and provides improved features for extended operation in harsh environments such as the open ocean. Its Double-Bore sealing system employs two concentric O-rings for two lines of protection. Three pairs of

O-rings are used to seal the dome and housing body to provide added pro- tected against boring marine organ- isms. With a rated depth of 250 feet (75 m), the OPT-06 can operate in most environments accessible to divers.

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New Broadband Multi

Beam Echo-Sounder

R2Sonic debuts its next generation

SONIC 2024 Broadband Multibeam

Echo-sounder system. The Sonic 2024 is designed to provide users sur- vey flexibility with selectable wide- band frequencies from 200 kHz to 400 kHz from a Vessel, ROV or

AUV. The system architecture with embedded processor and controller eliminates bulky processors and inter- face bottles on the vessel. The focused 0.5° x 1° beam widths, cou- pled with ultra high 60 kHz signal bandwidth provide unprecedented resolution over bottom features and imagery. The Sonic 2024 provides 130° horizontal swath coverage and may be provided in dual head config- uration which operates at full system ping rates, enabling faster survey speeds, reducing survey time and costs.

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EM 710 Multibeam Echo


The wideband EM 710 multibeam echo sounder has gained users in

Multi-parameter Data Logger

RBR is shipping its latest innovation —the new XRX series of multi-parameter data loggers. Ten sensor channels can now be handled by a single instrument, including CTD, Turbidity,

Fluorescence, pH, DO, ORP and other physical & biological parameters. The unit supports

RS232 & RS485 data communications and external power, in addition to the standard internal autonomous mode.

The XRX is an extension of the existing RBR the sensor and logger range and the depth rating is down to 740m, depending on the sensors fitted. This RBR data logger is field upgradeable and is designed to deliver a flexible, future-proof instrument with functionality that can be extended as budget becomes available or requirements evolve.

RBR designs and manufactures sensing data loggers that are submersible down to 10,500m as well as other instruments for lab' or field work, including tide and wave recorders for ports, har- bors and other installations.

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