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56 MTR May 2008 new products • sonar systems & seafloor mapping many different categories. The model with the highest specification of 0.5° x 1° beam widths has become the most popular, making up about 50% of the units sold. The narrow trans- mit beam of 0.5° is a feature that results in very high resolution of the survey results, and is required for detection of objects according to

IHO S-44 special order. Many users are waiting for the dual swath func- tionality, in order to have the full sys- tem performance of their EM 710.

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Jaguar ROV

Saab Seaeye launched a new concept in electric work ROVs. Called Seaeye

Jaguar, it is now the largest in its range.

Key features touted by the manufacturer include significant weight savings as compared to the hydraulic ROV equiva- lent, with a smaller footprint, and need- ing fewer operators.

Saab Seaeye touts a simplified control system that will enable operators faster training of new pilots. Its built-in intelli- gence, with fewer and more intuitive controls, has lightened the burden on the pilot by making it easier to manage the


The manufacturer also contends that pilots will find fault diagnostics easier. A system of self-diagnostics and simple presentation, displays the fault and the necessary remedial action to the pilot.

There is also a new dual redundant high-frequency/high voltage power distribution system, allowing the ROV to continue to operate on reduced power if one of the dual power systems fails. It also reduces the diameter and weight of the umbilical, and significantly cuts the size and weight of the onboard transformer.

The accessories offered as standard on the ROV include a pair of Schilling Orion manipulators: the seven function position feedback manipulator, and the four function rate manipulator.

The Seaeye Jaguar is unveiled as the company continues to make inroads into a market area dominated by hydraulic work vehicles, but where operators are increasingly turning to electric work ROVs, attracted by lower cost of owner- ship and ease of handling compared with the hydraulic equivalent.

This new breed of operator is bringing innovation to cost effective operational management by utilising the elec- tric ROV for the vast majority of tasks performed by hydraulic systems. They also focus on tasks for which the elec- tric vehicle is best suited: such as drill support, survey operations, cable laying support, touch-down monitoring,

IRM, and a high proportion of intervention and construction tasks.

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