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The aquaSketch Minno is a new underwater notation device currently in use by NASA in the Neutral

Buoyancy Lab at Johnson Space

Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic

Institute and in testing by the Surface

Warfare Division of the US Navy.

While aquaSketch represents a break- through, the device itself is low-tech, robust and inexpensive. This patent- ed invention was created by a New

York artist, musician and inventor,

Mark Hagan, who wanted to sketch marine life while scuba diving.

Hagan teamed up with members of the Museum of Natural History and the Mars Rover design team to create aquaSketch.

The aquaSketch Minno is small enough to be worn on the wrist, yet it can hold up to ten feet of waterproof material that is printable, scan-able and reusable.

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SubTrac Tracking Device

Deltawave offers the SubTrac which is a GPS tracking device that offers the capability to track your asset posi- tion on a global basis. It is designed to transmit coordinates once the vehicle surfaces, utilizing Iridium's satellite network. The unit is based around the Iridium 9601 SBD trans- ceiver, and offers low latency report- ing capabilities. It is engineered for deep-sea (4000m - 6000m optional) and extreme environment applica- tions.

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The Nv-Shuttle is a versatile vehicle designed to be operated from a wide range of research vessels and ships of opportunity. It is suitable for use in both coastal seas and open ocean.

The Nv-Shuttle can operate autonomously when towed using a non-conducting cable. Its undula- tion instructions are preloaded into the built-in controller, which is pow- ered by the vehicle's impellor driven alternator, which allow deployment from ordinary winches and capstans.

Real-time flight control and data acquisition can be obtained via con- ducting cable.

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Virtual Marine Technology: Training Simulators

Virtual Marine Technology, based in Canada, provides realistic, effective and safe training technologies. VMT's simulators are designed to provide a customized means for personnel to train in various environments. Founded in 2004, VMT grew from the research and development programs of Atlantic

Canada's leading maritime institutions at Memorial University, the Maine

Institute and the National Research Council.

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