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AUV Arctic Operations

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there is high quality operational input at the design stage and that?s been our approach. What speci├× cally attracted you to the CTO post at Pharos? The people! I?d worked previously with the Senior Management as a Project Manager delivering Cable Plough Systems, and through that I delivered a joint presentation at Suboptic 2010 with our CEO Phil Walker. I hold the team in high regard and would regularly recommend them when asked for 3rd party or consultancy specialists by my clients in my previous role. One of the biggest draws to Pharos was the level of technical and personal integrity the team has. Our design team has huge experience in ROV and Trenching systems, so there?s always more to learn. What do you count as the leading technological advantage(s) of the company? Operational insight and design experience, our teams have laid, buried and repaired hundreds of thousands of kilo- meters of cable, these same guys are heavily involved in the design processes and on shore build of our equipment. Where do you see room for improvement? There?s always room for improvement at all lev- els. I?d like to see us increase our client base and promote the company more, we have some great long term clients but we?re always keen to work on new ideas with new companies. ?Our teams have laid, buried and repaired hundreds of thousands of km of cable.? MTR #5 (18-33).indd 29MTR #5 (18-33).indd 295/31/2012 9:59:07 AM5/31/2012 9:59:07 AM

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