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AUV Arctic Operations

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Coming in, what are your top three priorities? 1. Let people know about our track record and what we can offer; 2. Keep building long term relationships with clients and suppliers, and 3. Increase our engineering capacity in a streamlined and responsive fashion For our readers not intimately familiar with Pharos, please give to us a snapshot of your activities and capabilities in the subsea sector. Pharos Offshore Group provides subsea cable and pipe installation and trenching services. We have been di- rectly involved with over 750,000 km of cable installation and burial with over 6,000 km of that being three meter burial. We sell and lease equipment along with the experienced manpower to operate all major makes of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Over 90% of our men and women are spe- cialists in both ROV and Plough maintenance and operations. Our engineering team leverages the experience of our 100+ specialists to design, fabricate and assemble ROV upgrades and modiÞ cations. Our ITAT 800 meets the growing need for manoeuvrable trenching vehicles powerful enough to bury offshore wind inter-array power cable. ItÕs proven state-of- the-art jetting technology and reliable commercially available components increase productivity and reduce costs. From where you sit, by market niche, what do you see as the most promising in the near-term (12-24 months) for business prospects? In order to meet deadlines a lot of effort, resource and expense are going into the Offshore Wind Market, instal- lation and burial of array and export cables. This is understandable as there have been delays, however this often means expensive or inappropriate technical solu- tions are used to meet deadlines. As work continues and main- tenance issues come into focus, people will be looking for longer term, more cost effective solutions Ð which is where the ITAT system is well placed. How is Pharos investing today in subsea technology? Pharos is a training organisation, on shore and off- shore. For us at Pharos, the biggest investment is cultivating lessons learned from the entire teams past experience into know-how for unique technical solutions today. This pays off in the design of engineering solutions for our clients.?The People? Gartshore?s response as to what attracted him to the Pharos CTO post. 30 MTRJune 2012MTR #5 (18-33).indd 30MTR #5 (18-33).indd 305/31/2012 9:59:35 AM5/31/2012 9:59:35 AM

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