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Ocean Business Preview For more than 30 years, Atlas Services Group has been the market leading pro- vider of personnel to the offshore Survey, Seismic and Construction industry. Profes- sionals working with Atlas have access to a wide range of projects in worldwide locations due to our extensive network of clients. Stand Aquatec is launching a new wireless temperature and depth logger, the AQUA- logger 530WTD, at Ocean Business. The innovative design includes the ability to store data and display graphs automati- cally via wireless technology, negating the need for cabled connections or manual interaction. Stand ASV?s C-Stat 2 is a station keeping vessel designed for applications where anchor- ing may be dif Þ cult or the cost and practi- calities of operating a manned vessel for continuous periods of time are prohibitive. The aim of the C-Stat 2 program is to pro- duce a rugged, cost efÞ cient and practical vessel capable of operating for weeks and months at low speeds whilst reliably hold- ing position in high currents and powering payload equipment. Stand CDL is an engineering company that offers a variety of market ready products and systems for use in both the surface and subsea (offshore and onshore) industries with applications for controls and monitoring, data logging and transfer, attitude and motion sensing (heading, pitch and roll sensors) and navigation and positioning. The new generation Subsea Vibration and Motion Monitoring System, VIBRIUS, consists of a very powerful prod- uct grouping that includes a number of logging sensors that offer high accuracy data while utilizing very low power making them highly suitable for battery powered long term installations. Stand Q1www.cdltd.netdotOcean created the GraviProbe, a free fall penetrometer characterising sedi- ments and mud layers. It is mainly used by leading ports and dredging companies to optimize their dredging effort, follow up sediment consolidation and (re)deÞ ne the nautical depth. dotOcean also gives advice on innovative dredging strategies for ports and harbors. Stand Ecosse Subsea System?s Ecosse Subsea System?s SCAR subsea trenching plough can be operated from a range of vessels, including anchor handlers and multicats and launched/re- covered over the stern roller, negating the need for expensive vessel hire and lifting equipment. It can be operated by four to six man crews and when used for Burial Assessment Surveys it aids project plan- ning by providing data on soil strengths, tow force requirements, speed, route mapping and identiÞ es variations and potential problems. Fischer Connectors Fischer Connectors has been design- ing, manufacturing and distributing high performance push-pull connectors and cable assembly solutions for almost 60 years. Known for its reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments, its products are perfectly adapted to electronic equipment needs for harsh environment, such as marine exposure. Easy to connect, sealed up to IP68, rugged and reliable. Stand E7www.Þ Kraken is a marine technology company engaged in the development of high per- formance sonars and sensors for military and commercial applications. They?re showcasing AquaPix, an Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar as well as Aqua- Trak - a new Correlation Velocity Log. Stand NKE InstrumentationNKE?s trade is the design, manufacture and installation of intelligent and com- municating sensor-based instruments and systems in the Þ elds of environment and safety: instrumentation aimed at measur- ing the quality of seawater on the planet, in lakes and freshwater reservoirs; control of heating and ventilation systems, based especially on renewable energies and safety for the autopilot system of sailboats and MOB.Stand OneOcean Corporation, a Seattle-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology company devoted to solving the ocean?s big data problem, is announcing the beta release of ClipCard, an innovation for managing, accessing and exchanging ma- Ocean Business 2013 April 9-11, 2013, National Oceanography Center, Southampton, UK March 2013 74 MTRMTR #2 (66-80).indd 74MTR #2 (66-80).indd 743/6/2013 3:05:34 PM3/6/2013 3:05:34 PM

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