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rine geospatial data. ClipCard presents a rich abstract of big data in a useful object that can be viewed and shared anywhere. ClipCard helps users understand what big data contains, and gives them the means to transfer the source data when they need it through Amazon?s global cloud infrastructure. Stand OceanTools is an independently owned, world leading subsea engineering company specializing in the de-sign and manufacture of subsea equipment. At OB ?13 you will see: Subsea Leak Detec- tion, Subsea Cement Returns Con Þ rma-tion, Survey Frames, Fibre Optic Gyros, Subsea Displays, High Precision Altimeters, Pan & Tilts, Video Overlays, Underwater Switches, Subsea Engineering Solutions.Stand SubChemSubChem Systems recently delivered two ChemFIN Nutrient Analyzers to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Environment Canada. The ChemFIN, a single-channel submers- ible nutrient analyzer, is SubChem?s newest product for monitoring nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate or ammonia. The single-channel ChemFIN joins SubChem?s successful multi-channel product: the Autonomous Pro Þ ling Nutri- ent Analyzer (APNA). Both submersible analyzers can provide long-term, continu- ous or intermittent, real-time measure- ments of nutrients from Þ xed or mobile platforms. A new accessory is available, for real-time monitoring of Total Organic Phosphorous (TOP) and/or Total Organic Nitrogen (TON), with the ChemFIN and APNA Nutrient Analyzers. SubCtech SubCtech is an inter- national operating company based in Kiel, Germany. As a devel- oper of marine tech- nology and underwater power supplies the company presents a product family of pCO2 analyzer and complete mobile and stationary environmental/ water quality monitoring systems. This family was re- cently completed by a pCO2 Lab analyzer which will be launched at OB?2013. Stand G10 Teledyne TSS Visitors to the Teledyne TSS stand at Ocean Business will have their Þ rst op- portunity to see the company?s new gyro compass changeover system that protects navigation equipment against the danger of a sudden loss of heading input. The new system will provide valuable protec- tion for dynamically positioned (DP) ves- sels that can experience a dangerous loss of heading if one or more of their main navigation gyrocompasses should fail. This year it will be accompanied by the Þ rst production version of the new SDC-10 surface display computer which has been designed to support all Teledyne TSS tracking systems. Teledyne TSS expertise in motion sensor technology will also at- tract interest with its successful DMS-500 range of motion sensors. These instru- ments typify the company?s expertise in this demanding aspect of technology. Visitors to Ocean Business will be able to inspect the DMS-525 model in this range which measures heave, roll and pitch. Stand S1 Valeport Valeport is announces the launch of the VRS20 Radar Level Sensor. Us- ing non-contact technology, the VRS20 can be installed easily to measure water level in a wide variety of applications. The VRS20 uses 25GHz pulsed k-band radar to measure water level to an accuracy of ±10mm (this is unaffected by changes in water density or atmospheric condition). It has been designed to work seamlessly with Valeport?s TideMaster tide logger or can operate as a standalone device with optional integrated GPRS telemetry. Alter- natively it can interface with a third party data logger. Data collection is a simple process for the VRS20, with RS232, RS485 and SDI 12 communication as standard. With a wide range 9 ? 28v DC power supply, the device is also versatile. Stand Marine Technology Reporter 75MTR #2 (66-80).indd 75MTR #2 (66-80).indd 753/6/2013 3:06:36 PM3/6/2013 3:06:36 PM

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