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regular and unstable seaß oor, along with equipment corrosion and equip-ment failure during and after installa- tion, to name just a few. ÒIt is important to have access to reserves, technology and the adequate mechanisms to man-age production to be competitive,Ó said Jos? Miranda Formigli, PetrobrasÕ E&P Director during the recent Offshore Technology Conference (OTC Brazil 2013) in Rio de Janeiro. ÒIn terms of wells and subsea, we have problems associated with hydrate formation and, in some cases, we have also to make work-over on the wells for sand control, and I would say traditional workover for replacing gas lift valves. So this is a very traditional work-over that we have to do in all Þ elds with the mature areas that we have in Campos Basin. Beside that, in some areas we have also some electrical submersible pump replacement work to be done. For example, this affected P-57 produc- tion,Ó said Formigli. Teaming with FMC Technologies In terms of subsea engineering FMC Technologies is at the forefront with important projects in Brazil, such as the subsea separation system at the deepwater Marlim Þ eld at the Cam- pos Basin, which is one of the major global subsea separation projects in ex- istence. ÒSubsea oil/water separation, as-delivered in Marlim is the Þ rst step in removing enough water to prevent ß ow assurance issues,Ó said Rob Perry, Director of global subsea processing systems for FMC Technologies. Marlim is PetrobrasÕ largest Þ eld in the Campos Basin, located 110 km (70 miles) offshore Rio de Janeiro. It was once considered the worldÕs largest subsea development, with 129 wells and 8 ß oating production units (FPU), devoted to the extraction of oil and gas. The Marlim Þ eld is spread out be- Subsea Engineering (Photo Wuchang Shipbuilding) November/December 2013MTR #9 (34-49).indd 36MTR #9 (34-49).indd 3612/13/2013 9:32:12 AM12/13/2013 9:32:12 AM

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