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tween depths of 640 to 2,590m (2,100 to 8,500 ft.), with the separation system itself located at the 900m mark (2,950 ft). This is the Þ rst system worldwide to include deepwater subsea separation of heavy oil and water, with sand re- moval systems and reinjection of water to boost production in this mature Þ eld. The separation system also includes cy- clone modules that will perform water treatment before re-injecting the water back into the reservoir. The separated gas is added back to the oil stream to aid its lifting to the FPU, while the separated water is pumped back into the reservoir to further increase produc- tion. FMC supplied the subsea separa-tion and pumping system, utilizing a novel pipe separator design, licensed and developed in cooperation with Statoil. The system is being engineered by FMCÕs operations in Brazil, Norway and the Netherlands with Þ nal manu- facturing and integration activities per- formed at the companyÕs Rio de Janeiro facility. For this project FMC is respon- sible for the offshore commissioning and for technically assisting in the in-stallation. ÒMarlim is the Þ fth Þ eld in the world that will utilize FMCÕs sub- sea separation technologies,Ó said Tore Halvorsen,. ÒThe project will enable a broader application of our separation technologies for future subsea process-ing opportunities.Ó Subsea 7Subsea 7 is another major Petro-bras partner in subsea engineering and construction projects. Only this years Subsea 7 has been awarded a $350m, Þ ve-year contract for a pipe- laying vessel. The contract covers the operation of Kommandor 3000, a 118 m PLSV with a top tension capacity of 15 tons, two work class ROVs, two 30 ton cranes and three carousels for ß exible pipes. The PLSV is capable of Mag-13 Precision Submersible Magnetometers ?H^c\aZVcYi]gZZ"Vm^h versions available ?'%%bdg*%%%bYZei] versions available ?BZVhjg^c\gVc\Zh [gdb+%¥Iid&bI ?Cd^hZaZkZahYdlcid 1)eIgbh$ 3Hz at 1Hz?>cXdgedgViZhiZhiXd^a VcYiZbeZgVijgZ sensor?BV\"&)/WVcYl^Yi]id &'`=o Riser-buoys for Sapinhoá at the Wuchang Shipyard in Qingdao MTR #9 (34-49).indd 37MTR #9 (34-49).indd 3712/13/2013 9:32:27 AM12/13/2013 9:32:27 AM

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