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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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Lubricants ished product should be ready to go to the market by mid 2014 and the launch- ing location is still uncertain. ?The way we run our organization, we may choose a speci c region to launch it but in general cases, especially with the level of certainty we have in the prod- uct, we can globally launch pretty seam-lessly throughout the organization,? said Pino. Since the lubricant was conceived to pass the North Sea environmental leg- islation, there is a good possibility that it will be  rst launched in the North Sea, however Morrissey quickly pointed out that ?We have to  gure out where the  rst unit using the lube will be delivered and then support it in that region  rst, as a priority.? There are certainly important advantag- es offered by the new product, and with the enormous growth that is occurring in the subsea industry these advantages may become an important deferential for players and equipment manufactur- ers to embrace Castrol?s environmental lubricant. ?We are quite excited about two key ar- eas where we see that the new lube has great advantage. One is the demand for this kind of lube from locations where  eld conditions are really hot and the other is use of the lube in subsea boost-ing and compression equipment, where OneSubsea is getting to the end of de-velopment testing in the use of the lube in its subsea wet gas compressor. Up to now testing has indicated that this lube is ideal for the requirements of this technology. Subsea boosting and com- pression technology is increasingly be-ing used in deepwater  elds as it offers increased operational  exibility, while at the same time bringing some of the surface production equipment to the sea oor. This technology has proven to bring advantages, such as increased pro- duction, recovery and  ow assurance. Yet some of the equipment requires a Chris Morrissey and Carmen Pino at the OTC Brazil 2013. (Photo: Claudio Paschoa) 24 MTRJanuary/February 2014 MTR #1 (18-33).indd 24MTR #1 (18-33).indd 241/23/2014 10:18:19 AM1/23/2014 10:18:19 AM

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