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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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Pharos Offshore acquired an SMD built 1200HP cable burial tool in July 2013, since then the vehicle has un- dergone extensive modiÞ cations at the Tees Offshore Base, in Middlesbrough that have enhanced the conÞ guration to provide a more effective post lay/installation burial vehicle. The UTV1200 has a combination of jetting tool packages to meet client requirements where the jetting assembly has been relocated within the core vehicle frame, where the centrally mounted jetting swords optimize steering and handling as well as cable acquisition capability, thus allowing 10m radial maneuverability during jet trenching operations. With a rated production speeds greater than 300m/h at 1.6m trench depth for jetting of sands greater than 50KPa. Modi- Þ cations also include the removal of the cable reel system which has reduced the center of gravity by reducing the height of the lift frame greatly improving the vehicle stability. Engineering and design has been completed on a compli-mentary mechanical chain cutting package in coordination UUVsMega Machines Unmanned Systems take Center Stage On top of the water, underwater and on the seabed, vehicle robotics are quickly proving their value as a game changer. ProÞ led here are some latest developments. Pharos Offshore?s UTV1200 has a combination of jetting tool packages. January/February 2014 38 MTRMTR #1 (34-49).indd 38MTR #1 (34-49).indd 381/27/2014 9:51:17 AM1/27/2014 9:51:17 AM

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